All-American: Circa Partners With DeckPrism Sports For Colorado Live Betting Lines

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Circa has partnered with DeckPrism Sports to bring its live betting lines to Colorado.

Deck Prism will be the exclusive in-play odds provider for Circa’s Colorado sportsbook app. 

The companies said they would offer the fastest and most accurate in-play odds on the market.

Matthew Metcalf, director of Vegas-based Circa Sports, said the company got into the sportsbook business to take bets

“DeckPrism has built an engine that will power in-game wagering far more effectively for companies like ours,” Metcalf said.

“DeckPrism’s technology is second to none in creating odds that both we and our customers can trust. That significantly improves the in-game experience for everyone.”

Fairer in-play odds for the bettor

DeckPrism offers in-play bets without a delay, so customers know exactly what price and line they are betting.

“We are thrilled to be working with a great brand like Circa Sports Colorado in providing the fairest and most transparent in-game product on the market,” said Ed Miller, co-founder and chief architect of DeckPrism.

“Live in-game play has largely fallen short, leading to delays in what are supposed to be real-time odds and rejections of far too many bets. Our technology fixes those issues, offering bettors a much fairer vehicle for in-game wagering and allowing operators to capture more in-game action.”

The partnership does not yet extend to Circa’s home market of Nevada, thanks in part to licensing costs, LSR understands.

Live betting is the future

In-play has huge potential upside in US sports betting. Leading US operators like FanDuel currently get around 50% of their handle in-play compared to nearly 80% at some European sportsbooks.

And Colorado sports bettors in particular have shown a propensity for live betting no matter how niche the sport. Table tennis was the third-most bet on sport in November, with more than $12 million in handle.