FanDuel, DraftKings Data Provider Stats Perform Hit By Cyber Attack 

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Sports data provider Stats Perform has been down for almost a week thanks to a cyber attack, Legal Sports Report understands.

The Stats platform went down last Saturday during the college football slate, causing issues at daily fantasy sports sites including FanDuel, DraftKings and others.

DraftKings was able to switch to a backup stats provider for NFL Sunday, but FanDuel was forced to settle its NFL contests manually mid-week and issue refunds.

DraftKings said in a statement: “DraftKings has made investments in redundancies for a wide variety of processes, including live statistics and scoring, to ensure minimal interruption for customers when this sort of situation arises. Our Customer Experience team is active 24-7 and responded quickly to address this issue with impacted players.”

Fantasy operators have been scrambling to find alternate data providers for this weekend’s football games.

What happened to Stats Perform?

Following the outage, Stats Perform has spent the week rebuilding the servers. It hopes to back online by Friday night, LSR understands.

It is only the fantasy platform that was affected and not the Perform betting services.

The two companies merged under Visa Equity Partners back in 2019.

Similar to SBTech hack

The attack is similar to the one that hit SBTech sites earlier in the year. DraftKings, which owns SBTech as part of a reverse merger to go public, had to set aside $30 million to cover any claims and losses from that outage.

Stats could face similar claims for damages from affected operators this week.

FanDuel alone has issued millions in site credit to appease angry customers.

Stats did not respond to an LSR request for comment and has not commented publicly.