Widow Of 5Dimes Owner: ‘We Are Working To Move 5Dimes Brand To Regulated Market’

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5dimes widow

The widow of  5Dimes owner Sean “Tony” Creighton has pledged to ensure the 5Dimes brand is “well represented” in the regulated US sports betting market.

On Monday, Lauren Varela issued her first public statement since the bookmaker announced it was freezing its US operations.

Varela assumed control of the 5Dimes business after her husband went missing in September 2018. His body was found a year later in Costa Rica.

Varela said she was working with consultants on the future of the brand and had some “positive surprises” in store for customers.

Here’s the statement in full:

Sean worked incredibly hard to provide the best online sports-betting experience to the 5Dimes community. Other than his children, it was definitely his proudest accomplishment.  I am so humbled and gratified by the many loyal customers who love the 5Dimes brand.

Many of you are asking about the brand’s future. I am limited in what I can disclose right now, but there are definitely some positive surprises in store for you.  I am working with experts and consultants to make sure that the brand that you have come to love is well represented in the regulated US market.

Based on what I’ve heard, a lot of you want that, too! Stay tuned, and please come back again soon for updates!”

How would a 5Dimes transition work?

The most likely route for 5Dimes to switch to the regulated market is some kind of settlement with the Department of Justice. That might be followed by a sale of assets – like the brand and database – to a third party.

Such a process could also allow Varela and her family to return to the US.

PokerStars underwent a similar transition from the black market to regulation.

Of course, some want offshore firms to be punished for their black market activity and banned from regulated sports betting. But on the other hand, one avenue to end the black market is to find a way to regulate it, as unlikely as that may seem as things currently sit.

The 5Dimes transition so far been something of a mess.