How The DC Sports Betting Licensing Process Will Play Out

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DC sports betting

Now that the DC sports betting contract is approved, preparations for launch can begin in earnest in the District of Columbia.

DC sports betting is gearing up to go live, and facilities that serve alcohol are allowed to get in on the action. First, however, they must go through the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA).

Details on DC sports betting licenses

A quick primer on how sports betting in DC operates: Intralot, the district’s lottery vendor, also will oversee the launch of a mobile sports betting product.

The DC Office of Lottery and Gaming issues and enforces sports betting licenses and is in charge of developing and implementing regulations.

There are two classes of operators: Class A and Class B:

Class B sports wagering facilities cannot be located within a two-block radius of any Class A facility. Operators may offer a mobile product, but only within the confines of their brick-and-mortar facilities.

Making sure Class B spots are ready

ABRA issues and renews alcohol licenses and does not influence the issuance or enforcement of sports betting licenses. With that having been said, ABRA has a say in which alcoholic beverage control (ABC)-licensed establishments will also be allowed to offer legal sports betting. 

For those existing ABC-licensed establishments, adding sports betting on-site is considered a “substantial change” according to the DC Office of Attorney General.  Thus, the establishment must request permission from the ABRA to host on-site DC sports betting using this form.

There is no fee to request permission from the ABRA, and an establishment may pursue a sports wagering license and apply for substantial change to ABC license simultaneously. Requests must be made in writing to ABRA and include: 

How the decisions will be made

When considering the request to add sports betting, the ABC Board takes into account certain appropriateness standards. These standards include consideration of how adding sports betting will affect, among other things, the following

The duration of request for approval for substantial change to an ABC license varies on a case-by-case basis.

All applications that are considered to be a substantial change by the ABC Board are subject to a 45-day protest period. Additional time may be needed if an application is protested or if the board requires a fact-finding hearing.