SportTechie’s State Of The Industry Conference To Address US Sports Betting

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SportTechie STOI

This year’s SportTechie’s State Of The Industry (SOTI) conference takes place February 27-28 at Barclays Center in New York.

The inaugural conference took place in February last year. Since then, US sports radically changed with state-regulated legal sports betting rolling out across the country.

At the beginning of 2018, esports was the trending topic, with massive growth forecasts exciting the industry. This year, sports betting is now front and center.

MLB takes the stage

Keynote speaker for 2019 is Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The participants in this year’s SOTI are drawn from far and wide across the sports industry, and the one thing they all want to understand is how sports betting changes their worlds.

SOTI’s agenda and speaker lineup suggest they will be in the right place.

SOTI 2019 Agenda

After Manfred’s keynote conversation, the agenda moves swiftly on to “Advances in Sports Betting Technology.”

The issues up for discussion will cover “the salient issues for fans, teams, leagues and vendors, from OTT streaming tech, to data capture and retention.”

Expert panelists are:

Athletes Voice

SportTechie’s Athletes Voice series takes the athletes’ perspective on technology.

Forecasting the Future

The session will examine the use of biometrics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The panelists will discuss their possible effects on training, playing and producing sports.

The Future of Sports Media Consumption and Production

New technologies such as streaming, OTT and digital media changed the way fans consume sports programming. Massive shifts in the sports content industry have ramifications for the future of live sports.

Quick Hitter – “Sport at the Service of Humanity”

What executives at teams, leagues and brands need to know about environmental sustainability in sport, from energy use to waste management, water conservation and food services.

Gamification of Sports Consumption

How technology in the digital realm informs decisions on the field and at the venue in traditional sports, and vice versa.

Quick Hitter – The interactive nature of Twitch

How does the unpredictability of shared viewer interaction resonate with a certain audience? How does that compare with the traditional sports viewing experience and how are content producers adjusting?

Tracking Athletes 2.0

From wearables to cameras, an endless array of information is being generated: internal versus external, personal versus positional, biometrics versus biomechanics.

Registration is open (last year attendance was by invitation only) and full details are available at the SportTechie website.