Sports Betting Drives Expansion From TVG, FanDuel and Barstool Sports

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Sports betting programs

National horse racing network provider TVG is launching a new schedule of Sunday morning sports betting programs together with Barstool Sports.

TVG is part of the FanDuel Group, the US division of Paddy Power Betfair. The CEO of TVG Network and COO of FanDuel Group Kip Levin said:

“The expansion of our Sunday morning programming, including our partnership with Barstool Sports, will bring a whole new audience to our network for a mix of sports betting, news and daily fantasy content that’s relevant to their interests.”

Starting today, the new Sunday schedule will now look like this:

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Levin added:

“Our Sunday morning programming will now offer up-to-the-minute sports betting information, football news, and expert opinions and insights to complement our customary coverage of the best in live horse racing from around the world. The integration of fantasy and sports betting content into our television assets provides a unique, unmatched marketing platform for the FanDuel Group.”

The Barstool Sports Advisors

The show will be hosted by Barstool Sports personalities Daniel “Big Cat” Katz, Stu “The Source” Feiner, PFT Commenter, and Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy.

“I’ve been a fan of TVG forever and I’m excited to bring Barstool Sports to the network,” Portnoy said.

The syndicated main show will be followed by an after-show where the discussion will continue exclusively on TVG.

PlayUSA previously took a shot at describing what to expect:

“Barstool Sports is part scripted pro-wrestling and part reality show. However, it’s all a byproduct of its motley crew of employees. Barstool’s employees are characters right out of Central Casting. Some of the high jinks are contrived, some are organic, and pretty much all of it is funny.”

More Ways to Win

Former ESPN anchor Lisa Kerney will host “More Ways to Win”, which will provide a “mix of football news, sports betting information, fantasy news, and live data integration all in one program.”

The core concept of the program is that viewers will get takeways that they can act on as either daily fantasy sports or sports betting enthusiasts.

More Ways to Win will feature live reports from the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey, home to FanDuel Sportsbook. TVG experts will be hands-on, providing commentary on horse races from some of the biggest tracks in the US.

Kerney will be helped by long-time football host and sideline reporter Dani Klupenger with Fox Sports 1’s Jason McIntyre contributing analysis and sports betting information. Fantasy insights will come from Brandon Funston of The Athletic while Dave Weaver reports from FanDuel Sportsbook at Meadowlands.

Kevin Grigsby, executive producer of More Ways to Win and senior vice president of content development at TVG, has big ambitions for the show:

“Our goal is that More Ways to Win will revolutionize sports betting news and information in the same way CNBC changed television coverage of the stock market.”

Sports betting changes everything

Even the NFL, which was traditionally rock-solid in its opposition to sports betting is relaxing its rules so that teams can get involved with casinos. This week, the Dallas Cowboys announced a sponsorship deal with the WinStar World casino.

Pennsylvania casinos are suing the state lottery for unfair competition and new names from foreign parts are coming to America to grab a piece of the action.