PokerStars Sends Out Daily Fantasy Sports Survey; Is NFL Launch Still Coming?

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PokerStars Survey

PokerStars emailed a survey to past online poker players in the United States, asking them to answer questions about daily fantasy sports, as the online gaming giant prepares to enter the fantasy industry.

PokerStars’ parent company Amaya, announced its intentions to get into the DFS space in March.

What the survey asked

It is not known how many former and current PokerStars users were contacted, but American players who have not been able to play at the online poker site since 2011 were emailed. (Most online poker sites stopped operating in the United States after “Black Friday,” the day the Department of Justice seized the domains of PokerStars and some other online poker sites and shut them down for operation in the U.S.)

After a brief intro in the email, PokerStars asked recipients to click on a link to a survey. It asked a variety of basic questions as feelers for a DFS product (have you played fantasy sports, did you know it’s legal, would you play DFS at PokerStars, etc.)

If Amaya were going live for NFL season…

The timing of the survey is curious, if it were sent out en masse today. The survey appeared more like one a company would send out when it was deciding whether or not to do “x.” It did not have the vibe of a company ready to launch daily fantasy sports within the next two months.

Many of the questions were information-gathering in nature, and tried to gauge the opinions of potential players on a variety of subjects.

One of the most curious questions was this: “If PokerStars were to offer Daily Fantasy Sports how likely would you be to play on PokerStars or a PokerStars’ backed site?

Shouldn’t PokerStars have surveyed players on this subject before it announced it was launching a DFS product, at all?

The latest on PokerStars/Amaya’s planned launch was that it would come in time for NFL. But Amaya CEO David Baazov hedged his company’s timeline on its DFS product a few months ago, and this survey seems to point toward the idea that an early September launch might be more of a “maybe” than a definite.

Other interesting notes from the survey

Here are some other tidbits of speculation or insight we gleaned from the questions PokerStars asked:

The full survey

Here are all the questions asked, if you don’t want to go through the survey: