The Week In Sports Betting: Here Comes College Football Season For Sportsbooks … And DFS?

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Welcome back to another edition of what the heck happened in sports betting this week. As usual these days, the answer is “a lot.”

Football season has appeared in the windshield, and casino operators and sportsbook companies are scurrying into position in states with legal wagering. That includes New Jersey, of course, where the landscape is filling in just in time.

Let’s start our weekly recap there in the Garden State, then.

What’s new in New Jersey?

A couple of brand-new sportsbooks launched online NJ sports betting, that’s what’s new.

DraftKings Sportsbook was, of course, the first to do so way back on Aug. 1. It had a monopoly on the market for more than three weeks, but competition finally has arrived.

Two more clients went live this week, bringing the total to three.

Playtech adds yet another large gambling company from Europe to the list of US suitors. During a presentation this week, Playtech revealed that it filed an application for NJ sports betting with the state.

Catch up on the rest of what we know about online sports betting in NJ to date by clicking that link you just passed. You’ll notice no firm timeline for FanDuel Sportsbook, but you have to believe it’s coming soon.

News from other states

Summer is a quiet time in state capitals around the country, especially during an election year. Even the few statehouses that remain in session can be reluctant to address major issues this time of year.

That being said, NFOS was at high tide this week. Regulators are hard at work in a couple, and officials in a few others made their own bits of sports betting news.

Getting wordy about sports betting

You may have noticed that the conversation surrounding sports betting has begun to graduate to the next level. People are still spouting plenty of uninformed takes, mind you, but we’ve moved beyond the basics. Now we’re starting to hear more about the real nuts and bolts of the industry, the mechanics of how sports betting does and should happen.

Here are a few deeper dives that you may find interesting:

If that’s not wordy enough for you, the guys on TheLines Podcast spent the better part of an hour talking about all of the news this week, including a few things not mentioned in this recap. Click Play and keep reading.

Daily fantasy sports!

Just so we’re on the same page, DraftKings and FanDuel are actually daily fantasy sports companies at heart. Crazy, right?

It’s a rare week when there’s enough DFS news to justify a dedicated section in this recap anymore, but these are rare times. Daily fantasy football season is mouth-wateringly close, and fantasy chatter is ramping back up for players and operators alike.

The ‘big two’ dropped big news week:

Boom Fantasy also sent customers an e-mail announcing CFB contests this season.

Takes and tidbits

That’s the bulk of the pressing news, but as usual, there are plenty of crumbs left over. Here are the rest of the stories that tried to slip through the cracks this week:

All right, they’ve gone and gotten me all worked up late on a Friday afternoon, so let’s just call it a week right there. Chances are good we’ll do it again next week, and chances are good we’ll have to copy/paste that last bullet and use it again.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to bet responsibly.