The Week In Sports Betting: So Much News, So Few Days In A Week

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Sports betting news recap

Y’all, what the heck is going on?

Remember last week? Remember when we took a relaxing stroll down a happy little trail of minor sports betting headlines? A six-figure investment in a multimedia network was, like, the biggest talking point. “Not much has changed between this week and last,” I wrote. Do you remember?!

That is … yeah, that is not the case this week.

Literally — and I mean this in the literal sense — every day featured one or more enormous chunks of breaking news. Given that one of our goals is to keep this weekly summary brief, we have our hands full this time. It’s not even clear where we should begin.

Fortunately for our chances at brevity, a few of the biggest headlines originated from the same company. Let’s start with you, MGM.

MGM does all of the things

MGM Resorts International dominated the headlines, which is saying something this week. The giant casino company appears to have plans for sports betting that are quite serious going forward.

Look at these new partnerships: