The Week in Sports Betting: The Big Piece, Uncle Brent, And Captain Comeback

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Hey, look everybody — it’s Friday!

To be blunt, not much has changed between this week and last. We still have three states with legal sports betting and a couple more on the verge. Partnerships continue to fall into place and folks are upset at FanDuel. Pretty much a standard week around here.

Our forever goal is to keep this weekly rundown as brief as possible, and we typically don’t do a very good job. More often than not, there’s just too much news to deal with in a concise way. This week trotted along at a relatively relaxed canter, though, spawning a list that’s more manageable than usual.

Shall we go?

Scenes from New Jersey

Once again, NJ sports betting provided the majority of the headlines for us this week.

Let’s talk a little more about Meadowlands while we’re here.

The property’s new FanDuel Sportsbook took in about $3.5 million in wagers through its first nine days of business, which seems pretty good. Launch hasn’t been without its hiccups, though, including excessive lines on opening day.

This week, some bettors were unable to cash their tickets when an extra-innings baseball game ended after closing time. Depending on whom you ask, it’s either no big deal or the worst thing that’s ever happened.

The truth sits somewhere in the middle, but it’s certainly not a good look for a new sportsbook in a newly regulated market.

News from other states

With ears to the ground, we picked up some sports betting vibrations in several other states this week.

Takes and tidbits

We only got one warm-ish take from an old ballplayer this week, which is mildly disappointing. Still, there’s a big plate of intriguing leftovers worth picking over.

That appears to be all we have for you fine folks this week. As always, you should subscribe to TheLines Podcast if you’d prefer to get your highlights in audio form.

Happy Friday to those who celebrate such things.