Will Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports Follow The FanDuel Model, The DraftKings Model, Or Something Else?

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As Yahoo officially entered the daily fantasy sports realm this week, the sports and types of contests it might offer later remains an open-ended question.

The traditional DFS contests

Here’s what we do know about Yahoo’s DFS offering, right off the bat.

Yahoo will be offering salary cap-based DFS contests for the four major North American professional sports: NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. All four sports are accounted for in the current DFS lobby, and there are rules already posted for all four types of contests. And the following was written in the introductory post at Yahoo regarding its daily offering:

“The plan for daily fantasy is exactly the same. Our hope is to become your preferred home for DFS across the four major sports.”

So, clearly Yahoo is at least going with those sports. Whether or not college football or college basketball is in the cards is unknown.

So, at core, Yahoo is at least following the FanDuel model: Sticking with the major sports that most sites offer. What are the chances it goes the DraftKings route, and offers sports outside of the major team sports?

The not-so-traditional contests

DraftKings (and some other DFS platforms), go beyond the four major team sports in the U.S. How likely is Yahoo to join the fray in any of these sports?

Yahoo and alternative DFS?

When Yahoo launched its DFS product, some people expected something entirely out-of-the-box. That didn’t happen, as all we’ve seen so far is traditional salary-cap contests in the works, and a product that looks much like FanDuel.

Does that mean that’s all we’re going to see from Yahoo? Not necessarily. What Yahoo has done this week, for MLB DFS, essentially appears to be a soft launch. With the amount of developer talent Yahoo has in-house, it has the ability and skill to do something more, down the road.

It would not be a shock to see Yahoo embrace some sort of alternative form of DFS, and roll out something entirely different in football season (in addition to salary-cap contests), or in 2016.

For now, though it looks like Yahoo is closer to the FanDuel model than the DraftKings model.

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