Is Compromise In The Air In The New Sports Betting Bill In Kansas?

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Kansas sports betting 2018

Yet another sports betting bill has cropped up in Kansas, which has become one of the hot beds for legalization of wagering in the US in 2018.

The new bill — S 455 — draws on some of what the NBA and Major League Baseball have asked for in states around the country. It also appears to mirror in some ways a piece of legislation in New York. The bill seems to include more provisions that the commercial gaming industry could live with in a sports betting bill.

The new KS sports betting bill at a glance

Some of what’s in the bill:

Compromise afoot?

The provisions of the bill seem to be a new attempt at bridging the gap between gaming interests and the leagues, who have been at odds on the form of sports betting legalization around the US. For instance, a new law in West Virginia has none of the concessions the leagues are looking for, including those listed above.

Kansas recently held hearings on the topic of sports betting, and casinos unilaterally opposed the idea of any type of integrity fee or royalty payable to leagues.

Two other bills in Kansas also exist, including one in the House which is basically the “model” bill MLB and the NBA have been pushing.