Two More Brands Join Growing US Sports Betting Graveyard

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The ever-shifting US sports betting market is bidding adieu to two more sportsbook operators.

SaharaBets announced Tuesday it has discontinued its Arizona sports betting operations. On Wednesday, Super Group announced it would shutter its Betway sportsbook because of profitability concerns.

The two US sports betting operators join a growing list of sportsbooks that have closed operations since 2018.

Betway shuts down sports betting

Super Group CEO Neal Menashe said the decision comes following an extensive review period discussed at its last earnings call in March. While Super Group will wind down its US sports betting business, it will remain active in online casino with Spin.

The online casino is live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and Menashe said it would expand with the right opportunities.

“At present, we don’t see a long-term path to profitability for the sportsbook product,” Menashe said in a release.

Betway is in nine states:

SaharaBets says goodbye 

SaharaBets launched in 2022 through a license in partnership with the Coyotes. The sportsbook operation is owned by Alex Meruelo, who sold the Coyote’s assets to a group in Utah, and recently announced his plans to abandon the inactive Arizona hockey franchise, leaving its status in limbo.

The sportsbook becomes the fifth sportsbook to join a growing list of former operators in the Arizona market. It also comes during an open application period for Arizona sportsbook operator licenses.

SaharaBets will keep accounts open for the next 30 days to allow for outstanding bets to settle and users to withdraw balances. Arizona was the only market for SaharaBets.

“The decision was not made lightly, and we understand the impact it may have on you as a customer,” an email to customers read. “We want to express our gratitude for your support throughout the years.”

Sports betting graveyard

SaharaBets and Betway are the most recent sportsbook operators to leave the US sports betting market.

The list continues to grow. Kindred announced it would pull the Unibet brand out of North America last year.

Other sportsbooks in the graveyard:

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