Daily Fantasy eSports Site Vulcun Crowns Its First Six-Figure Winner: Yjingtong

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A milestone for the rapidly-growing segment of daily fantasy eSports as leading DFeS site Vulcun announced today that a player has broken the $100,000 mark for total prizes won.

That user – Yjingtong – has been active since Vulcun opened their doors in January 2015. According to information provided by Vulcun, Yjingtong drafted winning lineups each week during the League of Legends Championship Series.

Putting the achievement in context

The total prizes paid out by Vulcun to date is somewhere north of $2mm, with the vast majority of that coming in the last three months.

That suggests Yjingtong has received somewhere around 3-5% of all prizes paid out by the site. Yjingtong is among a group of 26 players that have recorded over $10,000 in earnings at Vulcun.

Note that we’re discussing total winnings and not profit.

Vulcun’s leaderboard lists the top 50 players by earnings. That group accounts for $831,720 in total earnings, or somewhere around 37% of total prizes paid out by Vulcun.

The total number of players who have won some amount of money at Vulcun is 185,000, per company statements. To compare:

Reflects rapid growth for DFeS segment

The newest of the major daily fantasy sports variants, daily fantasy eSports is nonetheless enjoying rapid growth (albeit relative to a small base).

The total registered player base for Vulcun exceeds 500,000.

Vulcun is now guaranteeing $10mm in total prizes for the 2015 season. Competing site AlphaDraft, which by our data is relatively similar in size to Vulcun, will likely match that pace.

Roll the two sites together and you have a player volume and revenue picture that looks quite competitive with the group of DFS sites behind FanDuel and DraftKings.

Later this summer we’ll be releasing a ranking system for DFS operators that seeks to determine the size and market share of each.

As it stands today, both AlphaDraft and Vulcun would make the top ten; as a combined entity they’d easily crack the top five.

That growth has not gone unnoticed by the world outside of eSports. In April, Vulcun nabbed $12m in funding in a Series A round led by Sequoia.