Bronny James NBA Draft Odds: Where Bettors, Books See James Duo Landing

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Bronny James NBA Draft Odds: Which Teams Are Looking To Sign The James Duo?

After an early playoff exit, the Los Angeles Lakers are clearly a piece or two away from championship contender status. To make matters worse, LeBron James can opt out of his contract this summer and leave for greener pastures.

The superstar averaged roughly 27 points and eight assists per game this postseason, so his potential departure would likely send Los Angeles to the lottery.

Additionally, his son Bronny James will be in the 2024 NBA Draft. That has implications for where LeBron ends up. At the same time the elder James’ potential availability factors into Bronny James’ NBA Draft odds.

Where Bronny James will end up is one of the only intriguing questions so far in a weak upcoming draft class. The only NBA betting markets major sportsbooks have up for the June 27 draft as of now have to do with Bronny’s drafting team and his draft position, as well as the draft positions at the top of the May 12 NBA Draft Lottery. So for those looking for how to bet on the NBA Draft right now, Bronny James-related wagers are one of the few options.

While early reports indicate LeBron is likely to remain a Laker, sportsbooks are taking action on where Bronny might end up.

Bronny James draft odds and public betting 

Although Bronny James certainly has upside, he’s not a tantalizing prospect compared to the rest of the class. Based solely on his profile, James would probably go somewhere in the mid to late second round. However, the strong chance that selecting him also brings LeBron James could factor into a front office’s decision. 

Essentially, a desperate contender may reach with a draft pick to lure the superstar. For example, Los Angeles absolutely cannot afford to lose LeBron James in free agency, so the Lakers could spend their first-round pick on Bronny James. The public agrees with this perspective — per FanDuel last week, the Lakers have the largest percentage of tickets and handle to draft Bronny James. 

Meanwhile, DraftKings has also taken significant action on the Lakers. The following table contains data from DraftKings on which teams the public is favoring to draft Bronny James. 

Team To Draft Bronny JamesApril 30 OddsMay 7 OddsTicket%Handle%
Los Angeles Lakers+250+19035%66%
Detroit Pistons+5000+50008%4%
Cleveland Cavaliers+1000+10007%5%
New York Knicks+1000+10005%3%
Golden State Warriors+2000+20004%3%
Data via DraftKings

The rebuilding Detroit Pistons are surprisingly a massive liability for DraftKings; they own roughly 4% of the total handle at odds of +5000. Is playing with Bronny James worth the pain for LeBron to end his career with a bottom-feeder?

Finally, the public is mixed on whether Bronny James avoids being a mid to late second round pick. Per DraftKings this week, 54% of the tickets are on James to be drafted earlier than the 40th overall pick. However, that comes with only 29% of the handle, so the over is a liability for DraftKings.

Bronny James Draft PositionTicket%Handle%
Over 39.546%71%
Under 39.554%29%
Data via DraftKings

Top landing spots for the James duo 

Here are a couple of realistic spots that seem to make sense for the James’ duo.

Knicks could build on good vibes with LeBron

With Jalen Brunson leading the charge, the New York Knicks are a serious threat to reach the conference finals. It boasts an elite championship-level defense. However, questions about the offense place the Knicks a touch below the premier contenders. Enter LeBron James, who would immediately vault them into the top tier due to his playmaking, interior scoring, and rediscovered outside shot. 

The Knicks own the capital to snag and potentially reach on Bronny James, too. They have the 24th, 25th, and 38th picks in the draft. There should be no shortage of opportunities for New York to select him. 

Plus, the big-market Knicks have not won a championship since 1973. James being a key piece in ending that drought would give him significant ammunition for his greatest-player-of-all-time case against Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan

Overall, New York provides James with a legacy-boosting championship opportunity and has the means to draft Bronny James.

Miami reunion for the James family?

James went to four NBA Finals and won two championships with the Miami Heat from 2011 to 2014, so there is plenty of history here. Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Miami’s tenacious role players under Erik Spoelstra’s guidance routinely churn out elite playoff defense, but the Heat have not won a title for two reasons: lack of offensive creation and not enough size. James helps solve both problems, and he would perfectly slide into the starting lineup at power forward. 

With the 15th and 43rd overall picks, the Heat have the capital to pounce and select Bronny James. Plus, Pat Riley would not hesitate to use a premium pick if he knew that LeBron James would also tag along. 

Finally, like the Knicks, this destination resides in a much weaker Eastern Conference that does not contain Nikola Jokic. That significantly boosts James’ championship equity, potentially making this spot more attractive.

Why LeBron James may leave the Lakers 

James turns 40 next season, and he no longer has the ability to carry a decent roster to the NBA Finals. The veteran was gassed during fourth quarters against Denver in the first round — now imagine him in the Finals after three grueling, exhausting rounds. At this point, James is better suited as a second or even third option who does not need to play immense minutes. Given the Lakers’ roster construction and lackluster trade assets, it seems unlikely they would realistically pursue this course. 

In addition to Los Angeles’ flaws, James’ son Bronny has entered the 2024 draft pool. LeBron has repeatedly stated his desire to play with Bronny, so the team that drafts the younger James could have a significant advantage this summer to sign the superstar. 

James’ legacy is cemented, and he likely only has a year or two left before retirement calls. Therefore, he may prioritize playing with his son even if a non-contender drafts him. The salary cap does not need to be a restricting issue, either. James has over $530 million in career earnings, and that’s not including endorsements. He may sign for the minimum without blinking if it’s all the team can offer. 

The veteran may also feel no guilt about leaving Los Angeles because of the 2020 title run. James delivered on his contract and provided a ring, thus allowing him to depart with a sense of accomplishment. 

Overall, given all of the context, it seems reasonable that LeBron James could join whichever team drafts Bronny James this summer.