NJ Could Join List Of States Banning Betting On NCAA Player Props

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New Jersey State Sen. Kristin Corrado introduced a bill last week that would prohibit NCAA betting on student-athlete player props. 

The Garden State, via bill S3080, joins a host of other jurisdictions in trying to ban college player props. 

NCAA president Charlie Baker has called for a nationwide ban on the bets.

Corrado: NCAA prop betting ban helps integrity

Corrado explained why she elected to introduce the legislation in a Monday email to LSR. She said it came to her attention during the NCAA basketball tournaments. 

New Jersey law currently prohibits wagering on in-state college athletes but offers no limitations on out-of-state prop bets. 

“This legislation was designed to prohibit bettors in New Jersey from placing player-specific prop-bets on college sporting events,” Corrado said. “I introduced this legislation to protect student-athletes from unwarranted harassment and to safeguard the integrity of collegiate athletics in an environment where sports gambling has become so readily available.”

NJ, NCAA discussion on bill to come

Corrado said her office heard from Baker following the introduction of the bill. 

“Part of my inspiration for introducing the bill came from reading Charlie Baker’s comments on this topic and his reasons advocating for this ban,” Corrado said. “We are planning to have a discussion with NCAA officials regarding this legislation.”

Other states banned NCAA props

Ohio and Maryland both recently instituted a player prop ban. New Jersey is hoping to follow suit. 

College player props accounted for only 1.35% of Ohio sports betting wagers placed in 2023

The NJ bill was introduced in the Senate, and preferred to the Committee on State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation.

“My office is working with other legislators in the state to gain sponsors on the bill in the Senate and to draft a companion bill in the General Assembly. Being that this is not a partisan issue—with the success of passage in other states—I am hopeful that we can see movement on this legislation and get the bill to the Governor’s desk for approval,” Corrado said.