Could Delaware Beat New Jersey To Legal Sports Betting On Single Games?

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NJ or Delaware sports betting first

If New Jersey wins its current US Supreme Court case regarding the federal sports betting ban, could Delaware beat its neighbor to single-game wagering?

Delaware, after all, passed a single-game sports betting law that was struck down as violating that federal ban, PASPA. And the state already has legal parlay wagering on sports.

But if NJ prevails and PASPA is struck down as unconstitutional, other states could be poised to benefit. And Delaware could benefit more quickly than others, according to Delaware Online.

What’s new in Delaware sports betting

Gov. John Carney and officials on the state have already started working on a possible rollout of legal sports betting on single games in the state, Delaware online reported:

The Carney administration is quietly putting together a plan to offer wagering on all professional and out-of-state college sports – including single-game and propositional bet – within weeks of a court decision, which could come as early as June.

“If we can get to market faster than some of our neighbors there could be some real upside,” state finance director Rick Geisenberger said. “We’re working to roll it out as quickly as possible.

According to the story, many appear to think that no new legislation would be needed to make the change from parlay betting to single-game wagering. The Delaware Lottery runs the current sports betting system in the state.


Another state with sports betting?

That would put Delaware in the category of states that could have sports gambling as soon as the middle of 2018, They would join Nevada sports betting, where single-game wagers are already legal:

Mississippi and Connecticut could take further legislative action in 2018. If they do, they could potentially join the list above after taking initial steps in 2017. And there are a host of other states that will tackle the topic in the new year.

Delaware wants to keep up with the Joneses

The move to upgrade Delaware sports betting would be done with practicality in mind.

If both PA and NJ can offer single-game wagering, the Delaware parlay betting system suddenly looks less attractive to bettors. Delaware’s unique status of having any kind of legal sports wagering would be upended quickly. Bettors could easily visit Atlantic City or Philadelphia to place their bets in the scenario above.

Both NJ and PA would likely roll out online sports wagering, as well, meaning you would just have to physically be located in either state to place a wager on one’s phone. (A bill to legalize online sports betting in Delaware in 2016 didn’t go anywhere.)

That all sets up a scenario where Delaware could quickly become the second or third state with single-game wagering.