Florida Bettors Face First MLB Opening Day With Legal Online Sports Betting

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Hard Rock Bet has only been available to the Florida public since early December 2023. Since then, customers have had access to a plethora of wagers, but this will be the first opening day and MLB season with any legal sports betting options in the state.

As the lone MLB betting site in Florida, Hard Rock Bet will have a variety of wagers. Sports bettors attending the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins home openers will be able to put money down on multiple facets of each game, including player props.

Tampa Bay Rays odds

The Rays open their season on March 28 with a divisional game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Below are some season-long futures, including World Series odds, as they appear on Hard Rock Bet:

Miami Marlins odds

The Marlins also open their season at home on March 28. They start with a four-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Below are some Marlins season-long futures, including MLB playoff odds, as they appear at Hard Rock Bet:

What are Hard Rock Bets’ largest liabilities for the 2024 MLB season?

Heading into the 2024 season, we reached out to the Hard Rock Bet trading team and asked them a few questions on how things are shaping up for the MLB season. We first wanted to see who their largest liabilities to win the World Series were.

“The Dodgers are our most-bet team to win the World Series, receiving more than 2.5x bets than any other team.”

hard rock bet trading team

We also wanted to know if there were Florida teams that were seeing action in different futures markets. The Rays and Marlins both have made runs at the postseason in the past, but neither have seen a World Series win since the Rays in 2020.

“Our most-bet World Series futures: 1) Dodgers, 2) Yankees, 3) Braves, 4) Orioles, 5) Rays. Marlins are 10th.”

hard rock bet trading team

Florida and baseball: A bad combination?

If you follow any MLB outlets that cover the Rays or Marlins, you may find that there are negative feelings when it comes to Florida’s MLB teams. Both have had issues getting fans in the seats, even with the Rays’ impressive roster or the Marlins’ relatively new stadium.

Even with the issues that these teams face, Florida is still a state that boasts almost 22 million people. The CEO of Hard Rock Bet spoke with CNBC in December and had an interesting response when CNBC asked about the possibility of Florida someday beating out New York in sports betting. Jim Allen stated, “I think it’s certainly possible.”