NJ Sports Betting Bill Would Restrict Sports Betting, Casino Ads

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As the Garden State attempts to renew online gaming for the next decade, legislators want to ensure that proper advertising restrictions on NJ sports betting and casino operators are in place. 

Sen. Joe Cryan this week introduced Bill S4021, which would prohibit New Jersey sports betting and casino operators from using fraudulent or deceptive ads. It does not define those terms, however.

“It’s even-money that it passes,” Cryan told LSR on Wednesday.

The bill would also preclude companies from reaching customers on self-exclusion lists, or directly appealing to individuals under the legal betting age of 21

“We’ve got a responsibility as a state to provide restrictions where they’re feasible, and in the public interest, and these are,” Cryan said.

What NJ sports betting bill says

The exact language of the bill as it pertains to sports betting is as follows: 

(12) sports pool related advertising of sports wagering licensees, or their contracted operators, to ensure their advertisements are in no way deceptive or fraudulent, do not direct unsolicited advertisements towards individuals on the list of self-excluded persons established pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2001, c.39 (C.5:12-71.2), and do not appeal directly to individuals under the legal age to wager.

More NJ sports betting RG bills

Cryan has also matched a pair of responsible gaming bills already in the Assembly. A5226 (S4020) would prohibit sports betting partnerships at public institutions of higher education. 

Jurisdictions across the country clamped down on the idea of gambling advertisements at colleges and universities. 

“It just doesn’t belong in that atmosphere,” Cryan said. “I think most folks would agree with that.” 

Resolution to limit ads

AR168 (SR127) is a resolution that condemns the proliferation of pro-gambling advertisements. 

Cryan said he hears from parents, concerned adults, and teenagers who have gotten into issues. 

“When you watch the ads, which are nonstop, I think most folks would say there’s just too much of that,” Cryan said. 

Next steps for NJ sports betting bills

With session headed for a summer break, there will be no immediate consideration of these pieces of legislation. 

New Jersey’s online gaming law expires in November. S3075 calls for another 10-year extension through 2033