The Masters 2023 Live Betting Guide: How To Bet And Available Props

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Betting on the Masters doesn’t have to happen only before the event. Many golf sportsbooks allow for live betting during the event. New bets will also open up, such as new matchups and round props, as the tournament progresses.

In addition to live odds updates on who will win the Masters and finishing positions, bettors can also select various props such as matchup and hole winners. Learn more about how to bet on golf and live betting on season’s first major below.

Live betting odds for the 2023 Masters

The following table shows current live odds for players to win the Masters at top legal sportsbooks. Other options include the leader after the first round and whether a specific golfer will make the cut. Not all markets may be available for live betting, and some sportsbooks do not offer specific bets.

Get odds and more live betting lines for the 2023 Masters

What can you live bet on at the Masters?

Golf’s signature majors will often have the widest array of available bets. Odds will begin to adjust as more golfers tee off throughout the first day. This includes both tournament-long odds and round props.

Odds on where a golfer will finish (top five, top 10, etc.) may also be available, but options are limited. Other bets, such as top rookies and nationality props, could be available depending on the sportsbook. Sportsbooks will also offer bets on two- or three-player groups for the round and specific holes.

Round matchups

Before the round, matchup odds are generally available for who will perform the best out of a grouping of two or three players. For two players, an option for both to tie may be available. In some cases, the sportsbook may offer larger groupings, but these usually will not have live odds.

As the round progresses, these two- and three-player groupings flip to dynamic odds that adjust based on what’s happening on the course. If one player is starting to collect a lower score than the opponent, then those odds will shift more favorably.

Hole winner

These bets become available when the round begins. Bets could be on a hole-by-hole basis or the aggregate score of three consecutive holes. For a head-to-head bet, if one player tees off onto the fairway and the other into the bunker, the former will likely receive more favorable odds to win the hole (or trio of holes). As with round matchups, if you’re betting on who will do better between two players, there will often be an option to wager on a tie, as well.

Score results

Another option is betting on whether one of the golfers within a grouping of two or three will get a birdie. If at least one of them does on the chosen hole, your bet wins. Bettors can also place over/under wagers on a golfer’s score for the round. The projected score and the odds will adjust as the golfer’s round progresses.

Is it worth live betting on the Masters?

Golf is a very approachable sport when it comes to live betting. Pauses between shots give bettors time to view their sportsbooks and place wagers. Bets tend to stay live longer when compared to other sports, such as hockey and basketball.

Watching live provides the potential to place situational bets. Perhaps a golfer doesn’t look as strong when making the turn and playing the back nine. Live betting opens up the option to wager on his opponent. It also provides a way to hedge a bet that you placed before the tournament began.

The most important thing about live betting is playing responsibly. Bettors must have discipline, strategy and bankroll management when placing live bets. Set limits for your wagers both prior to the event and during the tournament.