2023 British Open Live Betting Guide: How To Bet And Available Props

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British Open Live Betting: How to Bet and Markets Available During the Golf Tournament

The British Open has a very early start time for the United States, but that doesn’t mean chances to wager on the event are over. Top golf betting sites provide a variety of live betting markets.

New matchups and round props are available as the four-day tournament rolls on. Learn more about what to expect when live betting on golf’s final major.

Live betting odds for the 2023 British Open

The following table shows betting odds to win the British Open outright. A dropdown box is available to select a different market, including top finishes for the tournament, making the cut, and best score by nationality. If you wish to place a bet, clicking the odds will take you to the sportsbook offering that wager.

Get more odds for the 2023 British Open.

What can you live bet on at The Open Championship?

Major golf events will have the most available bets. Live betting odds will shift as the British Open unfolds, including both results in a specific round or for the tournament.

What is available during the event will depend on the online sportsbook. Common live bets will include top finish, top nationality, live hole results, and player matchups. We’ll look further into these types of bets. For more info, check out our PGA betting guide.

Tournament winner and finishing position

Nearly every sportsbook features live odds to bet on the tournament winner based on how the scoring unfolds. Caesars Sportsbook is one of many examples, offering live props for the overall winner and for a golfer to finish within the top five, 10, or 20.

Round matchups

Select golf groupings may also be available to live bet on as the players move around the course. Similar to the traditional two-ball and three-ball bets before the event, these are the live variations. DraftKings Sportsbook features live betting on who will win a particular round from among two or three golfers. Many other sportsbooks feature a live option on who will win a particular round that day.

Hole winner

In addition to live two-ball and three-ball wagers, bets are also available on specific holes. Bet365 Sportsbook features a handful of live players to bet on the results of the holes they’re playing on. You can bet on who will win a hole from among the group, who will win a group of three holes, or the result of a hole for a specific player.

Is it better to bet live or before an event?

It’s obviously too late to place a bet before this year’s British Open begins. The good news is it’s not better to place wagers before an event or during. Golf odds will shift based on what’s occurring on the course.

Live betting on golf is more approachable than other types of sports. Due to the frequent pauses between shots, it’s easy for a bettor to log into a sportsbook app and place a bet. For example, odds don’t change as rapidly as a football or basketball contest.