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Legislative Tracker: Sports Betting

Interest in the legalization of sports betting has ramped up in the US recent years. There are now a variety of bills in states around the country and even some laws on the books.

The current climate for sports betting legislation

The push for legal sports gambling got a boost as the New Jersey sports betting case gained some traction in 2017. The US Supreme Court will hear the case late in 2017 and render a decision in 2018.

A win for New Jersey could mean other states could legalize sports betting, should the court rule that the federal prohibition on sports wagering is unconstitutional. That prospect has generated interest in several state capitols.

Some states — including Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Connecticut — have already started moving to change their laws with enacted legislation.

Current sports betting bills

Here is a look at bills related to sports betting in the United States:

  • Enacted law
  • Study bill
  • Introduced legislative effort in 2017
StateBill Number(s)Bill SynopsisLatest News
CaliforniaACA 18The constitutional amendment would legalize sports betting in the state, if federal law is changed to allow it.Latest news
ConnecticutH 6948(Passed July 2017) The bill would allow regulators to prepare for legal sports betting, should state and federal law allow.Latest news
HawaiiH 927The bill studies the future of gaming in Hawaii, sports betting includedLatest news
KentuckyB 155The bill would allow for sports betting to be regulated by the state horse racing commission, should federal law allowLatest news
MarylandH 989The bill sets up a task force to study sports betting.Latest news
MichiganH 4060

H 4261

H 4926
The first bill would legalize sports betting via a referendum. The second would allow for parlay wagering. The final bill would legalize online sports betting, casino games and poker.Latest news
MississippiH 967(Passed 2017) As part of a fantasy sports law, language allows the state to regulate sports betting should federal law allow.Latest news
New JerseyS 3375The bill would repeal the state's prohibition on sports bettingLatest news
New YorkS 1282

A 5438
The bills would legalize sports betting.Latest news
OklahomaS 857The bill would authorize sports betting as a part of a larger package related to tribal gaming.Latest news
PennsylvaniaH 519

H 271
(Passed Oct. 2017) The second bill -- an omnibus gaming package -- would legalize sports betting if federal law allows it. Latest news
South CarolinaH 3102The bill would legalize casino gambling and sports betting.Latest news
West VirginiaH 2751The bill would legalize sports betting.Latest news
USH 783The bill would allow individual states to legalize sports betting.

Previous sports betting bills

Here’s a rundown of legislation introduced prior to 2017:

StateBill Number(s)Bill SynopsisStatus Of Bill / Latest News
CaliforniaA 1441The bill would legalize sports betting in the state, if federal law is changed to allow it.Introduced in September 2015. Latest news.
DelawareS 183The bill would expand the state's parlay card offerings online.Introduced in January 2016.
New JerseyBill became law in 2014, but is pending a legal challenge.The bill allows sports betting in the state at casinos and racetracks.The law is not in effect, as a court injunction has held up implementation. The case is being appealed. Latest news.
New YorkS 940The bill would legalize sports betting.The bill was introduced in 2016 and referred to the attorney general for an opinion. No further action was taken.
PennsylvaniaHR 619The bill would legalize and regulate sports betting in the state.The bill passed a committee hearing in 2016.

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