PointsBet Promo Code & Sportsbook Review

PointsBet Sportsbook is offering new customers an outstanding welcome bonus worth as much as $2,000. Just sign up with PointsBet and use our exclusive Pointsbet promo code BETBONUS and you’ll receive two second chance free bets. Your first PointBetting bet is covered for as much as $1,500 and your first non-PointsBetting wager is refunded for up to $500.

PointsBet got its start in Australia, but is not firmly established here in the U.S. The sportsbook is available under license from state regulators in New York, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kansas, Iowa, West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia and Illinois. It is expected to launch in the coming months in Arizona, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee. And a Canadian launch occurred in April, in the province of Ontario.

The company has employed the help of two American sports icons — NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson and former NFL All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis — who are serving as brand ambassadors to help the company appeal to the US audience.

In addition to more traditional markets, its main selling point is a unique form of a high-risk, high-reward feature that it calls “PointsBetting.”

Claim Your 2 Second Chance Free Bets Up to $2,000 at Pointsbet

PointsBet Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus Offer

PointsBet offers new players a great welcome bonus when using our exclusive PointsBet promo code BETBONUS. Just sign up for a PointsBet account, make your initial deposit and you will be entitled to a pair of second chance bets worth up to $2,000. This promotion is pretty easy to understand, let us have a look:

  • After signing up with the PointsBet promo code BETBONUS you’ll instantly be eligible for the second chance free bet welcome offer.
  • Simply make your first PointsBetting bet and if you lose, your losses will be covered for a max of $1,500.
  • Also, make your first non-PointBetting bet and if you lose that wager your losses will be covered for a maximum of $500.
  • PointsBet refunds your money as a free bet. While you do have to wager the free bet any money you win from that bet is yours to do with as you like.

This promotion is available in CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA & WV with the PointsBet Sportsbook promo code BETBONUS.

PointsBet Sportsbook promo code

PointsBet Promo CodeBETBONUS
Total Sign-Up Bonus at PointsBetUp to $2,000 via two second chance free bets
How PointsBet Bonus Works• Second chance bet on a traditional sports bet that is good for up to $500
• Second chance bet on a PointsBetting wager that is good for up to $1,500
Sports OfferedNFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, NHL, MMA
Legal StatesCO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA & WV
Last verifiedOctober 5, 2022

PointsBet New York Launch

PointsBet Sportsbook was one of nine online operators that the New York State Gaming Commission recommended for mobile sports betting licenses in the state back in November. That made it just a matter of time being PointsBet came online, and the official launch happened in January 2022.

New York sports bettors can now enjoy the same second chance free bet offer available to new users in other states.

PointsBet New York promo code and bonus offer October 2022

PointsBet New York Promo CodeBETBONUS
Total BonusTwo second chance free bets worth up to $2,000
Second Chance Bet #1Up to $500 for first non-PointsBetting bet
Second Chance Bet #2Up to $1,500 for first PointsBetting bet
Local PartnerNot required
Launch DateJanuary 24, 2022
Last Verified:October 5, 2022

PointsBet Virginia Launch

Mobile sports betting debuted in Virginia in January 2021. PointBet Sportsbook VA launched at the tail-end of the year, on December 15, 2021 to be exact. In order to come online in Virginia, PointsBet partnered with the Colonial Downs Group. Colonial Downs Groups owns both Colonial Downs racetrack in New Kent and Rosie’s Gaming Emporiums.

New users who sign up with PointsBet Sportsbook Virginia can receive up to $2,000 in second chance bets, simply by using our PointsBet VA promo code BETBONUS.

Points Bet Virginia promo code and sign-up bonus October 2022

PointsBet Virginia Promo CodeBETBONUS
Total Bonus• Two second chance bets bets
• One fixed-odds second chance bet (max $500)
• One PointsBetting second chance bet (max $1,500)
PointsBet VA Local PartnerColonial Downs Group
Last Verified:October 5, 2022

PointsBet Louisiana Launch

Louisiana sportsbooks came online in January 2022. PointsBet’s launch was a bit delayed, but they went live in the state in September 2022.

Online betting laws vary from state to state and Louisiana actually has one of the more unusual rules regarding where users can bet. Most of the time mobile sports betting is allowed throughout the states where it’s legal. Sometimes government or Native American land is geofenced out. In Louisiana though, online sportsbooks only are allowed to operate in parishes that voted in favor of sports betting. The leaves nine parishes (Caldwell, Franklin, West Carroll, Catahoula, Jackson, LaSalle, Sabine, Union and Winn) where you cannot bet in Louisiana.

The PointsBet app and website uses geolocation technology and geofencing to prevent users from wagering in those nine parishes.

PointsBet Louisiana promo code and bonus offer October 2022

PointsBet Louisiana Promo CodeBETBONUS
Total BonusUp to $2,000 in second chance free bets
Second Chance Free Bets• First regular wager, get a second chance free bet for up to $500
• First PointsBet wager, get a second chance free bet for up to $1,500
Local PartnerNot required in Louisiana
Launch DateSeptember 2022
Last Verified:October 6, 2022

PointsBet Kansas Launch

PointsBet arrived in Kansas on September 1, 2022, on the launch date of legal online sports betting in the state. PointsBet had prepared for the big day by securing a partnership agreement with Kansas Crossing Casino back in January 2022. This was crucial, as it gave PointsBet market access in the Sunflower State.

PointsBet Kansas promo code and bonus offer October 2022

PointsBet Kansas Promo CodeBETBONUS
Sign-Up BonusUp to $2,000 in second chance free bets
Bonus Breakdown• If first regular bet loses, get a second chance free bet for up to $500
• If first PointsBetting bet loses, get a second chance free bet for up to $1,500
Local PartnerKansas Crossing Casino
Launch DateSeptember 2022
Last Verified:October 5, 2022

PointsBet Arizona Launch

PointsBet had hoped to be live in Arizona when sports betting launched in the fall of 2021, but licensing issues have held it up. The company has made it clear it still intends to bring its unique brand to the state, but the exact launch details are unknown at this time.

Why You Should Try PointsBet Arizona

When PointsBet does hit Arizona, it’s definitely worth trying out. The biggest distinguishing factor for playing on PointsBet is referenced in the very name of the sportsbook. Points betting is a unique twist on sports betting that you cannot find anywhere else. In this variant, you bet as you normally would, and the outcome of your wager is determined as usual. However, the distance that the actual outcome is from the sportsbook’s estimate acts as a multiplier for your win or loss. So, for instance, if you wager that an NBA game at +220 will go over, and the game ends at a total of 230, then your payout would be your wager times 230 – 220, or 10. On the other hand, if the game ends at 210, then you would have to pay out 10 times your wager as a loss. It’s a high-risk, high-reward way to play, to be sure, but it’s also something you’ve never seen before.

Another reason to give PointsBet Arizona a look is the Name a Bet feature. If you want to make a certain wager that you do not see onsite, simply tweet your proposal to @PointsBetUSA and use the hashtag #nameabet. As long as it’s reasonable and you give the staff at PointsBet at least a couple of hours, you will see the option pop up onsite. So, there’s no reason that you simply have to accept the slate of bets that you see on PointsBet or elsewhere. If you want it, you can probably get it.

Finally, PointsBet has shown a propensity for making player-friendly decisions when the unexpected occurs in sports. Anytime a game or match ends in controversy, there is a decent chance that PointsBet will refund players’ bets or take other steps to make things right. It’s an intangible reason to make PointsBet your sportsbook of choice, but it is valid to say that the Australian book seems more concerned about maintaining the image of fairness among its player base – even in the face of lost vig – than simply profiting from the quirks of sport.

PointsBet Arizona promo code and bonus offer October 2022

PointsBet Arizona Promo CodeBETBONUS
Welcome BonusUp to $2,000 in second chance free bets
How Sign-up Bonus Works• First non-PointsBetting wager is refunded, if lost, up to $500
• First PointsBetting wager is refunded, if lost, up to $1,500.
Local PartnerYavapai-Apache Nation, Cliff Castle Casino
Last Verified:October 5, 2022

PointsBet Maryland Launch

Online sports betting was approved by Maryland voters all the way back in November 2020, however, here we sit in October 2022 and online sportsbooks are still not operational in the Old Line State. That’s because it’s taken some time for Maryland lawmakers to figure out all the regulations and rules that sportsbooks must abide by.

The good news is, we are getting much closer to the day when sportsbooks can open up their virtual doors to Maryland sports bettors. With as many as 60 mobile licenses expected to be awarded in MD, it is extremely likely that PointsBet Sportsbook will be among those granted a sports wagering license.

When is PointsBet MD launching?

While no date has been set, we are optimistic that PointsBet Sportsbook Maryland will come online at some point during 2022. We realize that’s a pretty big window, but that really is the most accurate prediction we can make at this time. If things come together quickly, online sports betting could launch during the first quarter of the year, but delays easily could push the launch all the way back into the fourth quarter.

We will update you when further developments with online sports betting in Maryland take place.

PointsBet Maryland promo code and bonus offer October 2022

PointsBet Maryland Promo CodeBETBONUS
Sign-Up BonusTwo second chance bets worth up to $2,000
Local PartnerTBD
Launch DateLate 2022 or early 2023
Last Verified:October 5, 2022

Is there a PointsBet app?

Yes, PointsBet has an app for iOS and Android. To get the app, go to the PointsBet site, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see Apple and Android links to download and then install the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Using the app

The PointsBet app does a lot of things really well, but topping the list has to be how fast it is. It doesn’t matter what you click on or what you do, the response time is nearly instantaneous.

This is never more important than when it comes to live betting. With this betting format, you’ll see dramatic shifts in lines if there’s a game-changing play, and the last thing you want is to miss out on some odds because the app you’re using wasn’t able to place your bet in time.

Speaking of in game betting, you can see all the live games that you can wager on at PointsBet by clicking “menu” in the lower left corner and then selecting “in play.”

Also under the menu tab you will find links to take you back the homepage, to create a quick parlay, to access the PointsBet help desk and to go to the promotions page.

Be sure to check the promo page each time you log in to your account because PointsBet offers multiple bonuses. It’s nice how the promotions page is structured because you can view all the offers at once or you can separate them by sport or by the type of bonus. And one of the best parts about PointsBet is you don’t need to opt in to promos; just take advantage of odds boosts or bet the required amount, and you’re set.

How to bet on the PointsBet app

Making bets on the PointsBet app is a cinch. All you need to do is click on your bet of choice and a window will pop up. Now you can add a wager amount and place your bet, or click “add to bet slip” to create some type of multi-bet.

Just make sure when creating parlays of three legs or more to check the booster box to increase your potential winnings. At PointsBet you get one regular parlay and one single-game parlay booster each day.

Your PointsBet account

When it comes to checking your account, just click on the drop-down menu at the top right, where it shows your email address. From there, you can see how much money is in your account, including free bets and rewards points. You also are able to make deposits and withdrawals, check your account history, see your parlay boosters and log out.

Click to get $2,000 in second chance free bets with PointsBet promo code BETBONUS

Which sports betting markets does the sportsbook offer?

The site offers an extensive range of betting markets for professional sports, both pregame and in-play.

In fact, the site claims to offer more markets on NBA and NFL games than any other bookmaker on the planet. Examples of such markets include:

  • Quarterback completion percentage.
  • Time, in seconds, of the first touchdown.
  • Time, in minutes, for players to pass a certain number of points.

The site currently lists 17 sports on which it is offering markets. These markets include all of North America’s most popular sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Additional sports include rugby union and league, and Aussie rules football.

Notably, there is a tremendous difference between the number of markets available for professional sports and the number available for college games.

Players looking for action on NBA games will find more than 200 markets available, and players betting on NHL games typically have an excess of 100 options available.

By contrast, the markets available for college basketball games range from five to about 30. The number of markets available for any given game appears to vary based on the strength of the conference, the quality and popularity of the teams involved, and whether the games will be on TV.

Moneylinespread betting and totals markets are standard for sporting events. The most likely fixed odds markets to be available beyond those are first half and second half lines and team totals.

As stated, though, the offerings for most professional sports extend far beyond that.

What is PointsBetting?

PointsBet’s extensive range of prop bets for professional sports is likely to improve its popularity among a small group of players who seek out the less popular bets, but the site’s long-term success will depend heavily on whether players take to its marquee product, PointsBetting.

PointsBetting is a high-risk, high-reward option that is new even to most experienced bettors.

With traditional fixed odds wagering, players bet a certain amount with a guarantee of either losing that amount or winning a set amount. The main exception is horse racing, in which odds may change between the time of placing the bet and the start of the race.

PointsBetting is entirely different.

How PointsBetting works

Players engaging in PointsBetting win or lose beyond their initial wager based on the margin of victory or loss of their wager. For example, with traditional wagering, if Miami Heat is favored by 3.5 points, a player wagering $110 on Miami against the spread would win $100, and the most he or she could lose would be $110.  The player wins the same amount whether Miami wins by four or by 40, and loses the same amount whether they win by three or lose by 30.

With PointsBetting wagers, players win or lose more than their wager amount based on how far the result was from the line. In the example above, the player would win several times more if Miami won by 40 than if they won by four, and lose far more if Miami lost by 30 than if they won by three.

The number of PointsBetting markets available varies widely by the event. Different formulas are used depending on the event to determine profit and loss.

For example, because the variation in basketball is more significant than it is in hockey, a three-goal difference from the spread in hockey would result in a much broader variation in payout than a three-point difference from the spread in basketball.

While PointsBetting will surely appeal to those seeking big payouts, players who are new to it are advised to proceed with caution. Such players should begin with a small wager — relative to their regular bet size — until they become familiar with the system. Players may also employ the site’s “stop-loss” feature to limit the amount they can lose – or win – in these types of wagers.

What multi-bet options are available at PointsBet?

The new sportsbook is not the best option for players who like large or varied multi-bet options. Currently, teasers are not available for American football or basketball.

Parlays are available but are capped at 12 teams, which is more than enough for most players but might be too few for those looking for massive payouts. Parlays are currently available only for fixed odds wagers and may not include PointsBetting selections.

What are the requirements to be eligible to play on PointsBet sportsbook?

A player must be 21 years of age or older to open an account and play at PointsBet.com.

He or she must also be physically located in New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Kansas, MichiganIndiana, Colorado, Virginia, West Virginia or Illinois when placing wagers. The site employs geolocation technology to enforce this rule.

Where is PointsBet sportsbook Legal?

PointsBet Sportsbook is continuing to launch in more states around the US. It’s currently available for download in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and Illinois, with future launches aimed at numerous states including, Arizona, Tennessee, Maryland and Ohio. A Canadian launch happened in April 2022, starting with Ontario.

PointsBet online sportsbook locations:

  • PointsBet in AZ: We expect PointsBet to be included in the first wave or Arizona online sportsbooks, slated for September 9th, thanks to its partnership with the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Watch for a retail book at Cliff Castle Casino.
  • PointsBet in CO: PointsBet arrived in Colorado in November 2020. The online sportsbook partnered with Double Eagle Casino in Cripple Creek.
  • PointsBet in IA: PointsBet Iowa launched in November 2019. It has a deal with Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. The casino features a PointsBet-branded retail sportsbook.
  • PointsBet in IL: PointsBet Illinois launched next, in September 2020. It’s partners with the Hawthorne Race Course, located in Stickney. There is a PointsBet retail sportsbook at the race track, in addition to several other Club Hawthorne locations.
  • PointsBet in IN: Another 2020 arrival, PointsBet Indiana launched in partnership with Penn National and its Hollywood and Ameristars casinos in-state.
  • PointsBet in KS: Sports betting was legalized in Kansas on July 1, 2022. Online sportsbooks began going live at the start of September 2022 and PoinstBet was among the first to debut. PointsBet already secured market access rights thanks to its partnership with Kansas Crossing Casino.
  • PointsBet in LA: Online sports betting went live in the Pelican State on January 28, 2022. PointsBet joined the market in September of the same year.
  • PointsBet in MD: While online sports betting is coming to the Old Line State, it hasn’t gotten there yet. We do predict that PointsBet will open an online sportsbook in Maryland, however, it will not occur until 2022 at the earliest.
  • PointsBet in MI: PointsBet Michigan is available as of January 22, 2021. PointsBet has a deal in place with the Northern Waters Casino in Watersmeet. A PointsBet retail book is available at this casino, too.
  • PointsBet in NJ: PointsBet launched its first online sportsbook in the US in New Jersey in January 2018. It partnered with the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford. PointsBet doesn’t have a retail book at the racetrack.
  • PointsBet in NY: PointsBet was awarded a license by the New York State Gaming Commission in late 2021, and went live in the Empire State in January 2022.
  • PointsBet in ON: Ontario should be the first province to go live with regulated online sportsbooks in April, 2022, and we expect PointsBet to be in the first wave of launches.
  • PointsBet in PA: The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board awarded a license to PointsBet in January of 2022, and the sportsbook wasted little time, coming online early the next month.
  • PointsBet in TN: No land-based partners are involved in online sports betting in TN. We’ll be watching to see if PointsBet joins the growing Tennessee scene.
  • PointsBet in VA: Sportsbooks in Virginia are mobile-only, PointsBet Virginia launched on December 15, 2021 thanks to a partnership with Colonial Downs Group.
  • PointsBet in WV: PointsBet came online in West Virginia in August of 2021. It’s partnered with Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

Bettors living in Iowa, Illinois and Michigan will be able to conduct banking transactions at the retail PointsBet casino cage in their state.

New Jersey, Illinois, and Virginia residents aren’t permitted to place bets involving in-state colleges and universities. Some restrictions are also in place on college wagers in New York, Virginia, Iowa and Tennessee.

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Does PointsBet Sportsbook offer a loyalty program?

Yes. Although some sports betting sites have moved away from traditional loyalty programs, PointsBet.com continues to offer one.

The site has a “rewards” page where players can track their points. The program offers one reward point per $1 fixed odds wager, five rewards points for every $1 wagered on a parlay, and one reward point for every $1 won or lost on PointsBetting.

Players earn points after eligible wagers settle, and don’t on bets that are scratched, voided, or otherwise canceled.

Are there any additional PointsBet promotions?

The site offers an extensive range of promotions that players can see on the “promos” page. These promotions vary by the league, bet type, and even time of day.

For example, at the time of writing, the site offers no-juice spreadlines for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball teams ranked within the top eight.

PointsBet also provides early payouts for NBA and NHL moneyline wagers, which means that bets leading at the half or after the first period, respectively, are paid out then.

Among the other attractive options are lunchtime booster odds, which are available from noon to 3 pm, Monday through Friday.

For players looking for unique wagers, the “name a bet” option gives players the opportunity to request a wager not listed on the site by tweeting it to @PointsBetUSA and using the hashtag #nameabet. To utilize this promotion, the player must tweet it at least two hours before the start of the event.

Some promotions are only available for players who reside in New Jersey.

How can players deposit and withdraw from PointsBet accounts?

The new sportsbook offers fewer deposit options than most of its competitors.

Most players will likely find Visa and Mastercard are the most comfortable deposit options. Banks may have restrictions on cards, so players having trouble depositing through these methods should contact their financial institutions before contacting PointsBet support.

The site also offers an ACH/e-check deposit option, as well as an exclusive deal with EML that enables players to fund their accounts using EML cards.

The site complies with all relevant state and federal laws, which means it has restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. Players must satisfy verification requirements on their credit card or payment before making a withdrawal.

Players who have outstanding points bet wagers (i.e., wagers with the site’s unique high-risk, high-reward profile) may have part or all of their account funds withheld until the settling of the bet. Those who are new to this type of wagering may find this vexing at first, but it is done to limit the likelihood of a player’s balance going into the negative.

Cash at Cage Options for PointsBet Sportsbook

Depositing or withdrawing to your online account via cash at the cashier at land-based partners is an excellent option for people who are located near one of the casinos. We do recommend checking with PointsBet or the casino in question that cash at cage is offered there before making a special trip just for that purpose. Here are some spots you may find cash at cage:

  • Iowa: Catfish Bend Casino, 3001 Winegard Dr, Burlington
  • Illinois: Hawthorne Race Course in  Stickney and Club Hawthorne with three locations, in Oakbrook, Prospect Heights, and Crestwood
  • Indiana: Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, and Ameristar Casino Hotel in East Chicago
  • Michigan: Cash at cage may eventually be available at Northern Waters Casino Resort, N5384 US-45, Watersmeet.

What types of customer support does PointsBet offer?

PointsBet.com makes it easy for inexperienced players to learn about the basics of sports betting through “the Revis Betting Academy,” a series of brief blog posts explaining the various types of bets available.

Live chat and email support are available 24/7, while phone support is available from 8 am to midnight every day. Customers can find the email and chat options at the bottom of every page on the PointsBet site.

The “help” section has a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), which should be the go-to if there is something a customer does not understand.

Click to get $2,000 in second chance free bets with PointsBet promo code BETBONUS

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