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Ocean Resort Casino Sports Betting

Ocean Resort Casino opened its doors for business on June 28. From the moment late former owner Bruce Deifik welcomed guests, the casino accepted wagers on sports.

In doing so, the property became the third in New Jersey to allow bettors on sporting events.

While online NJ sports betting is not available from Ocean Casino yet, it will be soon.

Ocean Resort sportsbook is a work in progress

The permanent sportsbook at Ocean Resort remains under construction. So far, only the bar and betting window are open for business.

The full sportsbook will occupy a position once reserved for one of Revel‘s nightclubs. According to sources, the 7,500 square-foot facility will feature the ubiquitous wall of television screens and several large semi-circular booths for patrons.

In May, Ocean Resort partnered with European gaming giant William Hill for its sportsbook operation. William Hill has promised that the $6 million facility will be completely ready by the time the NFL begins its new season, although it remains a work in progress as of August.

William Hill also operates the sportsbook at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport.

What sports can I bet at Ocean Resort?

The board at Ocean Resort has all the relevant offerings you might find at any other sportsbook. At present, you can bet the following types of games or matches:

  • Major League Baseball games
  • UFC fights
  • NFL futures and games
  • NBA futures and games

Obviously, this list is subject to change depending on the season of the year; all major sports will have betting options eventually. However, New Jersey law has some unique quirks that will leave various bets off the table.

What restrictions on sports betting does Ocean Resort have?

New Jersey legalized sports betting on June 11. Three days later, Gov. Phil Murphy placed the first bet in the state at Monmouth Park.

As part of New Jersey’s regulations, there are several restrictions on sports betting that affect all sportsbooks, including Ocean Resort’s facility:

  • Bettors must be 21 or older in order to wager.
  • Sportsbooks may not accept wagers on collegiate events taking place within state lines, regardless of the schools who are playing.
  • Sportsbooks may not accept wagers on collegiate events involving universities from New Jersey.
  • There cannot be any wagering of any kind on high school sports.
  • Players, coaches, referees, owners, and any other relevant personnel from any sport may not bet upon their own sport, even if they are not involved in the event in any way.

Can I bet sports through an Ocean Resort mobile app or website?

Not yet. But, the ability to do so is likely coming soon. Ocean Resort opened an NJ online casino in the summer of 2018.

What types of bets can I make at Ocean Resort?

A study of the board at Ocean Resort reveals that the sportsbook is accepting both typical and somewhat unusual bets. With such an experienced partner in William Hill, the new book will not suffer through as many growing pains in figuring how best to operate.

So, here are the bets Ocean Resort accepts so far:

Standard Bets

  • Point spreads
    • These are the most common type of sports bets.
    • Bettors are betting on an established margin of victory – that is, either that the favorite will win by more than the margin, or the underdog will lose by less.
    • If the underdog loses by less, or wins the contest outright, it is said to have “covered” the spread.
  • Moneylines
    • Most people have seen these numbers, but may not know what they mean. The three-digit numbers next to the team names are the moneylines. Essentially, a moneyline bet is a bet on the eventual winner – the numbers determine the payouts.
    • A team with a positive number is the underdog, and the number is the payout for a $100 bet.
    • A team with a negative number is the favorite, and the number is how much a bettor must wager to win $100.
  • Totals
    • These bets are probably the second-best known.
    • The sportsbook or bookmaker will establish a combined point total that it expects the two teams to achieve.
    • Bettors will then wager on whether the actual total will fall above or below this number.
    • The total is usually referred to as the “over/under,” and the positions bettors can take are either the “over” or the “under.”
  • Futures
    • These are bets on something that will happen in the more distant future
    • Usually, bettors are wagering on the outcome of a season.
    • So, Wahlberg’s bet at Ocean Resort was a futures bet.

Less Common Bets

  • Partial Game
    • Much like their name, bettors wager on a portion of a game, rather than the whole thing.
    • They can be point spreads, straight odds, or, as is the case at Ocean Resort, moneylines.
  • Alternate Run Lines
    • These are bets that essentially raise both the risk and reward profiles for betting on the underdog.
    • For the most part, as their name implies, these bets are placed on baseball games.
    • In this type of bet, the book moves the line for the underdog to be less favorable.
    • In some cases, the line on the underdog can shift to establishing the dog as the favorite.
    • Because they are so risky, they pay off quite well.
    • On the other hand, bets on the favorite do not pay well at all.

The sportsbook also features parlays, where you can combine the outcomes of a number of bets, with an increased payout if you correctly pick all of the outcomes.

Ocean Resort Sportsbook FAQ

When can I bet on sports at Ocean Resort?

Right now. The sportsbook accepted its first bet on June 28.

Is this it for their sportsbook?

No, the full thing is still under construction.

Can I get Ocean Premier Tier Credits for betting on sports?

Likely. Getting confirmation is a bit difficult at this time, but given the expansiveness of the casino’s website description, it is reasonable to assume there will be some kind of benefit to sports bettors.

According to Ocean Resort’s website, players can earn triple Tier Credits until Sept. 30. So, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the program as soon as possible.

Can I get William Hill Players Reward Club points for betting on sports at Ocean Resort?

Unlikely. Players at Monmouth Park can join the Willam Hill group because there is no concurrent program at Monmouth. It is less likely that the two partners in Atlantic City would want competing programs. It is an even smaller chance that players would be able to earn credits in both programs for the same bet.

Will Ocean Resort have a mobile app for sports betting?

Yes. It is unknown how it will present itself, but it’s a good bet that one will exist.

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