Fliff operates a social and sweepstakes sports gaming platform. Fliff has a similar look and feel to the regulated sportsbooks available throughout much of the United States, but offers a free-to-play experience. 

Read on for all the details about Fliff, including how to play, which markets are available on the sportsbook and payment options.

What is Fliff?

Fliff features a sportsbook-like interface but in a free-to-play format where picks are made with virtual currency and not real cash.

Aside from playing with virtual currency instead of cash, the site operates much like a sportsbook but with an added social layer. Players are able to create their own personas in the app as Fliff creates a unique 3D avatar for each user, with all of their picks displayed on their profiles. Winning players will progress through levels and move up the leaderboards where they will win badges that attach to their profiles.

Fliff features many of the same sports, markets, bet types and even same-game parlays that US bettors have come to grow familiar with over the past five years. 

How Fliff works

Fliff provides a sportsbook-like interface, with similar underlying mechanics aside from the part where actual cash is bet. Instead, according to Fliff’s website, this is a social gaming experience that includes “promotional games and loyalty rewards to elevate the experience.”

There are two ways to play: Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash – more on the difference between those later. After choosing which Fliff currency to play with, users can make selections on pregame lines, combine picks for parlays or same-game parlays, or make in-play picks while the game is going on. 

Fliff reserves the right to exclude any participant from their sweepstakes who is not recreational. In sportsbook language, that means the sharps can be banned from the book. 

Currency: Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash and XP

Fliff offers users 5,000 in free coins daily with another 1,000 available every two hours. Fliff Coins provide the opportunity to move up leaderboards and player levels, earn achievement badges, gain followers, and accrue XP, which can be redeemed for gift cards or more Coins. 

Playing with Fliff Cash is more like a standard sportsbook. Fliff Cash can be obtained daily as a login bonus, as a promotion when buying Fliff Coins or through other free methods. It cannot be directly purchased, unlike Fliff Coins. 

Fliff Cash is treated as sweepstakes entries but can be redeemed for real cash prizes. All Fliff Cash must be played through at odds of -300 or longer before it can be redeemed, though Fliff can at any point decide Fliff Cash needs to be played through more than once before redemption. 

XP are loyalty points that can be accumulated in a number of different ways. XP can be earned by making picks, completing challenges, or referring friends, and then can be redeemed for gift cards (from a variety of major brands including Airbnb, Uber, GrubHub, Amazon, and many others) at a ratio of 100 XP = $1.

Fliff deposits and withdrawals

There are no options to deposit cash into the app. Fliff Coins have no monetary value and can be purchased but not redeemed or converted to real money. However, eligible users can obtain Fliff Cash as part of the sweepstakes which can be redeemed after the previously mentioned conditions are met. The Fliff Cash redemption process is a similar process to the withdrawal process of most US sportsbooks. 

Deposit options

As stated, there are no options to deposit funds directly into a Fliff account. Since Fliff offers a social and sweepstakes game, its product can only be used with in-game currency. 

The purchase process is similar to other social casinos. The Fliff shop offers six options starting at 5,000 Fliff Coins for $1, up to 1 million Fliff Coins for $99.99. 

Withdrawal options

Fliff Cash can be redeemed once the currency has been played through at -300 or longer odds at least once. 

The minimum prize amount is $50 with the max set at $5,000 for all three payment options:

Users cannot be located in the state of Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee or Washington to redeem Fliff Cash. 

Payout limits

The states of Florida, New York and Rhode Island are limited in how much Fliff can pay out during “any period of the Sweepstakes.” At the time of writing, the sweepstakes period was a month long.

This means a maximum of $5,000 can be redeemed in Florida and New York. Rhode Islanders are limited to $500

Fliff can also limit Fliff Cash payouts of up to $1,000 weekly

Fliff account verification

Verifying your identity on Fliff follows similar Know Your Customer (KYC) processes as regulated US sportsbooks and online casinos. 

Users are asked for their name, address, and social security number to begin the process. A picture of a state ID and selfie photo check is also required to redeem a prize. 

Fliff sports markets and options

There are many markets and options available on Fliff. 

The sportsbook offers all major US sports including the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. There are also multiple international leagues for baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and more. 

Fliff customers will find many familiar options on the sportsbook including moneyline, point spreads, and game and team props. 

What is a sweepstakes sportsbook?

Fliff operates its sports gaming platform under social gaming and sweepstakes laws

There are a few laws Fliff must comply with for its sweepstakes to be compliant:

In which states is Fliff available?

Fliff’s availability differs by state. Nine states are prohibited entirely from redeeming any prizes from Fliff:

Latest Fliff News

june 8, 2023
A class-action lawsuit was filed against Fliff in California alleging that sweepstakes players stand to win nothing of monetary value unless they deposit real money, violating multiple state and federal gambling laws.
May 25, 2023
Ohio regulators sent Fliff a notice of investigation over its player vs. house contests. Fliff subsequently stopped accepting money in Ohio.


How is Fliff allowed to operate in the US?

Fliff operates its sportsbook under social gaming and sweepstakes laws in the United States. These laws require Fliff to offer an experience that is free-to-play with Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash available to eligible players.

Can Fliff Coins be turned into Fliff Cash?

No, Fliff Coins cannot be turned into Fliff Cash. Playing with coins accrues XP the first time the coins are used. That XP can then be used to redeem gift cards. 

How long does Fliff take to pay out?

Fliff Cash can be redeemed after it is played through at odds of -300 or longer at least once. 

An instant bank transfer can take about a day to see the money in your bank account. A standard bank transfer will take a bit longer and can take up to 3-5 business days to process. 

Digital gift card codes are provided instantly once they are purchased. 

How much is Fliff Cash worth?

Fliff Cash can be redeemed at a cash value of $1.00 for every 1.00 Fliff Cash once its play through and minimum prize conditions have been met. 

What is the purpose of Fliff Coins?

Fliff Coins are a virtual currency that can be purchased and then used to play with in the social sportsbook. 

Fliff Coins generate XP the first time they are played. That XP can then be used to redeem digital gift cards. 

How old do I have to be to play at Fliff?

Fliff customers must be 18 or older to play at Fliff. 

Is Fliff available in Florida?

Yes, Fliff Sportsbook is available to play in Florida. 

Is Fliff available in Texas?

Yes, Fliff Sportsbook is available to play in Texas. 

Is Fliff available in California?

Yes, Fliff Sportsbook is available to play in California despite facing a class-action lawsuit in the state alleging it offers illegal gambling.

Fliff Social Sportsbook is an affiliate partner of Catena Operations, LTD.