Report: UFC Coach Krause Worked For Offshore Sportsbook

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Suspended MMA coach James Krause worked as a sports betting agent for an offshore sportsbook, according to an ESPN report this week.

ESPN reported that Krause took sports betting wagers for Costa Rica-based, dating back as far as 2019.

“He asked if I wanted to bet with him and gave me a username and password,” a source told ESPN. “I think I won like a couple hundred bucks, and I ended up playing it through and losing.”

Krause open about sports betting

Krause also had a betting podcast, The 1% Club, which could be found on Spotify

“I make more money on gambling than I do anything else,” he said. 

In October, the UFC finally implemented a policy prohibiting their fighters, coaches and other team members from wagering on bouts. 

Minner fight under investigation

But Krause has since become the center of a massive betting scandal. 

Krause served as the coach for Darrick Minner, who has been released from UFC, with his Nov. 5 fight under investigation for suspicious betting activity. 

“Absolutely not. Nothing out of the ordinary,” Minner told ESPN when asked if anything untoward had occurred. 

Questionable MMA betting activity

Heavy money was bet on Minner’s opponent, Shayilan Neurdanbieke, amid rumors he was injured. Signifiant wagers came in on the fight lasting fewer than 2.5 rounds. Neurdanbieke won by first round-knockout. 

ESPN has reported that the FBI is investigating the bout. 

Minner told ESPN that he had a “minor knee injury” prior to the fight that worsened during it. A medical examination confirmed he’d torn ligaments, the fighter told ESPN. 

Minner declined comment to ESPN on the allegations involving Krause and the coach’s connections to offshore betting. 

Canada MMA sports betting ban

Previously, regulators in Ontario and Alberta have directed sportsbooks to pull UFC from their betting offerings due to concerns surrounding integrity.

Alberta has since reinstated the UFC. 

As LSR previously reported, only Colorado, Michigan, Virginia and West Virginia have penalties for the person betting.