MA Sports Betting Regulator Probes Hometown Entry DraftKings

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DraftKings did not get any special treatment from state regulators this week during its suitability review for an untethered online MA sports betting license. 

The Boston-based operator had to address in executive session remediation efforts regarding a myriad of compliance issues before moving along in the Massachusetts sports betting license process. 

“The Massachusetts presence is impressive. There are a few areas to work on. I think you heard us. I would trust that if you get a license to do that in the Commonwealth we would see positive trends in that regard,” Commissioner Eileen O’Brien said.  

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will re-evaluate and then vote on the six untethered applicants on Jan. 18-19. Online sports betting will go live in the Commonwealth in early March.

DraftKings MA sports betting roots

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, who was overseas, preached the company’s home-state roots during his opening remarks. 

“DraftKings’ brand has become synonymous with sports in America, but in many ways we’re still a local company,” Robins said. “We have more employees in Massachusetts than any other location.” 

Robins added that DraftKings employees call more than 150 cities and towns in the Commonwealth home.

List of DraftKings infractions

Robins had to jump off the call by the time regulators began asking questions about DraftKings’ previous infractions. 

Compliance issues that needed to be discussed included: 

In addition, DraftKings also publicly addressed fines in Illinois and Ontario. Company representatives pushed commissioners to discuss most of the issues in executive session rather than in an open forum.

Other MA sports wagering issues

DraftKings’ presentation was fairly detailed, but the commission brought up some issues: