Indiana Senate Passes Daily Fantasy Sports Regulatory Bill

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Indiana became the second state to pass a daily fantasy sports bill out of a legislative chamber, as the Senate approved legislation on Wednesday.

California became the first state to do so when it passed a bill out of the state Assembly, 62-1. A number of other states have regulatory efforts in varying stages of the legislative process.

What happened in Indiana on Wednesday

Sen. Jon Ford introduced his bill on the Senate floor, and spoke in favor of it. Sen. Karen Tallian questioned the bill, wondering aloud in front of the Senate why DFS would not be treated more like the regulated gaming industry in Indiana.

Despite the opposition — and a concession by at least one senator that the bill was still a work in progress — the bill passed the Senate, 38-11.

The bill will move to the house, where Rep. Alan Morrison will quarterback the bill.

Indiana background on DFS

The discussion of regulation of DFS has been going on Indiana for some time, but momentum picked up in the past month: