Illinois Sports Betting Still Growing Strong Despite Summer Slowdown

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Illinois sports betting

Even as the sports schedule started to thin out in June, Illinois sports betting continued its impressive year-over-year growth.

Illinois sportsbooks took $628.5 million in bets during June, according to an Illinois Gaming Board report released last week. While the handle was an 18% decrease compared to May, it was a 32% increase over June 2021.

Since the state’s in-person registration requirement for mobile wagering expired in March, Illinois continues solidifying its place as a top US sports betting market. It was the second straight month Illinois nearly surpassed New Jersey sports betting for No. 2 in the nation, as NJ’s monthly handle has dropped year-over-year three months in a row.

Illinois sports betting revenue stays middling

The sportsbooks held 6.5% in June, generating nearly $41 million in sports betting revenue.

The record for Illinois sports betting revenue is $78.2 million, set in November 2021.

Illinois collected $6.6 million in taxes.

FanDuel, DraftKings continue fighting for top

Online made up 96% of June sports betting during June. FanDuel controlled 33% of the online market, taking $201.3 million in wagers and holding 8.1% for $16.2 million in revenue.

DraftKings took $185.0 million in bets for 31% of the online market. The operator generated $10.8 million with a 5.9% hold.

BetRivers was the only other sportsbook to crack 10% market share with $60.4 million in bets.

Illinois parlays stay lucrative

Illinois sportsbooks took $140.2 million in parlay bets during the month. FanDuel took $62.2 million of that total in parlays.

The sportsbooks held 14.4% on parlays, making $20.2 million in revenue from the bets.

Baseball rules summer sports betting season

With few other sports in season, baseball attracted most of the action in June with $222.5 million in bets.

With parlays taking the second-most in wagers, tennis was third with $86.8 million.

Basketball was a clear fourth with $68.6 million in bets.