FanDuel Now Asking Some Players To Verify Identity On Front End, Provide Social Security Number, Birthday

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DFS identity verification

FanDuel appears to be increasing the amount of identity verification required of players to use its daily fantasy sports site, including asking users to provide their Social Security number.

What we know so far about FanDuel player verification

A new page in the help section of FanDuel’s site — entitled “Why am I being asked to verify my identity?” — indicates that stricter protocols are being put in place. Here is the full text of their message to players:

To comply with government regulations, prevent fraud, and make FanDuel safe and fun, we ask that you verify your identity.  While verifying, the more details you provide us with the more fluid your experience will be when using FanDuel.

If you have difficulty receiving a successful verification, please email customer support for assistance by clicking on the tab below.  Please be advised that turnaround time is currently 24-36 hours.  We’re working feverishly to blast through the volume and kindly ask for your patience as we’re working on a first come first serve basis.

Going forward, ALL users who request a withdrawal (check or PayPal) of any amount will be asked to verify your identity once.  Even if you have provided us your tax details in the past, you will need to re-verify within our new verification system.

This new enhanced player verification is not yet being served to all FanDuel users, likely because the site would not be able to process and verify everyone in a short timeframe. Instead, it appears to be a slow rollout to players over the coming weeks.

That has been verified anecdotally firsthand and by social media. While some players receive a verification notice, others are not asked to verify their accounts, yet. Here is what players who log into FanDuel and are asked to verify their identities see (balance and user name have been blanked out in this screenshot):

FanDuel verify 1

Clicking on that link takes users to another page, where information that surpasses that required upon sign-up previously, including a birthday and Social Security number:

FanDuel verify 2

Why is FanDuel doing this?

This would appear to be part of increasing identity verification and “know your customer” protocols on the site — which had generally been taken care of via payment processors, and on the back end when players attempt to withdraw funds.

The new protocol is more in line with what is required at regulated online gaming sites, such as you would find at licensed online poker and casino sites in states like New Jersey and Nevada.

This will be particular useful in doing age verification on the front end; new FanDuel players were simply told that by signing up, they were confirming they are 18 years of age, previously. That still holds true when attempting to create account currently:

FanDuel Age Verify

Sites have eschewed creating barriers to sign up in the past, making the process as simple and non-evasive as possible. Star Fantasy Leagues is an example of a DFS operator that has been much more rigorous in its identity verification.

This could be part of an effort for FanDuel to get ahead of the curve in any self- or state regulatory schemes.