DraftKings Adds Deal With Sacramento Kings To Its Ever-Growing Roster

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DraftKings Sacramento Kings deal

Yesterday the Sacramento Kings divulged that they are signing onto a sponsorship deal with DraftKings, the second-largest daily fantasy sports operator in the United States.

While the pact is the first such deal for the Kings, it is nothing new in the NBA, which has seen the announcements of several such deals in recent months as the popularity of daily fantasy sports continues to grow in the United States.

As with previous DraftKings (and rival FanDuel) sponsorship agreements, cross-promotions will be heavy across social media and on Blog Central on Kings.com. There will also be branded signage in the stadium and DraftKings radio commercials will air on KHTK Sports 1140 AM during game coverage.

Said Paul Liberman, Chief Operating Officer and DraftKings Cofounder, “We look forward to using the strengths of our brands to enhance the fan experience.”

A full list of sponsorship deals can be found here.