NY Sports Betting Rules Appear Ahead Of Key Gaming Meeting

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NY sports betting regulations appear

New York is one step closer to having legal sports betting, as Legal Sports Report has obtained a draft copy of proposed rules in advance of next week’s gaming commission meeting.

The regulations do not appear to allow for mobile wagering, only authorizing wagering at the state’s four upstate casinos.

What’s happening in New York sports betting

The New York State Gaming Commission will meet to discuss proposed rules for regulated sports betting for the first time on Monday in Manhattan.

Things have suddenly come together quickly for NY sports betting at the start of this new year. After eight months of inaction, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, last week, nudged the commission to move forward during his State of the State address:

“We invested in upstate casinos. Let’s authorize sports betting in the upstate casinos. It’s here, it’s a reality, and it will help generate activity in those casinos.”

Sports betting is already authorized at those casinos under a 2013 law, and NY tribes will also be involved as per their compacts. Eight months after the opportunity first materialized, regulators are finally ready to present the framework they have in mind.

Proposed NY sports betting rules

Here are the proposed rules in full

The NY regulations exist

There is nothing especially surprising or controversial within the proposed rules; the news simply is that they exist.

Much of the language centers around the application process and licensing requirements. NY sports betting operator licenses are available to commercial casinos holding land-based licenses in good standing. There is no overt “bad actor” exclusion for vendors, but activities during the last five years do factor into the consideration of those applications.

As for the mechanics, there is no integrity fee or mandate to use official data, the two primary provisions sought by lobbyists from the professional sports leagues. All four — MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL — are headquartered in New York, incidentally. Operators must, however, “have controls in place” to ensure the accuracy of their data and use an “integrity monitoring provider” to oversee fairness.

No NY sports betting apps, yet?

For those hoping for a wider expansion of sports betting in New York, you’re probably going to have to wait.

The proposed rules allow sportsbooks to install betting kiosks on site, but there does not to be an avenue for mobile and online wagering. As it stands, the existing law only authorizes in-person, retail transactions. Could that change as the regulations are considered over a 60-day comment period? It’s at least possible.

A legislative effort to bring NY sports betting online will likely materialize this year, but prospects for passage are not especially favorable.

The NY sportsbooks are…

If you’re anxious to know where you can bet, here are the casinos that will be covered by the regulations, along with the sports betting relationships they have in place.

The Oneida Indian Nation and Caesars Entertainment also have a deal in place that would likely kick in with the advent of regulations.