Football Revenue Soars To Power Mississippi Sports Betting To Strong Second Month

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Mississippi sports betting

Football wagers took off in September as expected, helping Mississippi sports betting to a robust second month of revenue.

The first full month of football betting led to nearly $4 million in revenue for Mississippi casinos, according to information from the Mississippi Gaming Commission. With little football on the calendar in August, this month became the one to watch as gridiron action took off in Mississippi.

Mississippi casinos totaled more than $5.5 million in overall revenue in September on more than $31.7 million in handle. That represents a major move forward from the initial month in August, when casinos took in $644,000 in revenue on $6.3 million in wagers.

The state posted a remarkable win percentage of 17.3 in September, leaping from better than 10 percent in August. When compared to Nevada‘s historical hold of just more than 5 percent, Mississippi’s month looks even more impressive.

How Mississippi sports betting revenue breaks down

The MGC breaks down Mississippi sports betting revenue by region. The state’s 28 casinos are separated into three groups: central, coastal, and northern.

Overall September revenue$470,564$3,909,046$1,124,181$5,503,792

What we can read from the numbers

The September breakdown yields a few interesting notes:

Mobile still not moving in Mississippi

The most important factor to keep in mind in Mississippi: there is no true mobile sports betting available. State regulations only permit mobile wagering on the grounds of a casino. To date, no Mississippi casinos have chosen to go that route.

This means all Mississippi sports betting is being done at physical sportsbooks. When comparing to other states that launched mobile sports betting, it appears Mississippi might be leaving revenue on the table.

New Jersey mobile sports betting already surpassed revenue for land-based betting. Nearly three-quarters of Nevada sports betting now takes places on mobile, according to industry sources.

Mississippi definitely made the September move forward most expected thanks to football. Going mobile and online could grow that move exponentially.