Here’s Everything That Happened In A Crazy Week For US Sports Betting

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Holy cash cow, what a week for sports betting. Unless you’re one of the “rock people” mentioned on the most recent episode of TheLines podcast, you probably know the basic news by now.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court overturned the federal sports betting ban that had stood for more than 25 years. PASPA is off the books, and the matter is now in each state’s hands to decide individually. Dual sovereignty, bro.

What followed was a week of unrelenting headlines that brought some news we expected plus a few compelling twists. Here’s our best stab at hitting everything that happened. Most of what happened. Some of it.

SCOTUS rules! Congress notices

It was shaping up to be just another week until the clock struck 10 a.m. on Monday. SCOTUS interns trotted out three decision boxes! One of them contained dozen of pages about good ol’ Murphy vs. NCAA, and Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion kicked the gaming industry into overdrive.

Many, many things then proceeded to happen.

One of the first: US Sen. Orrin Hatch announced plans to introduce a federal sports betting bill in Congress the very same day as the decision. It’s not clear what will be included, but it will attempt to install a superseding framework for the industry. Hatch was one of the original authors of PASPA, so infer from that what you will.

Unless and until that happens, though, states are free to do as they see fit. A few existing laws were activated on Monday, and states considering sports betting bills are now clear to proceed.

New Jersey starts doing things

As the title litigant in the SCOTUS case, New Jersey sports betting is the epicenter of the fallout. Here’s what happened this week:

Other states do, too

The chatter also revealed that a few other states are closer to sports betting than we might have thought a week ago:

A handful of others are getting there but not quite ready for an imminent launch.

Although Nevada has lost its monopoly on single-game wagering in the US, Las Vegas needn’t be too concerned about the impact of widespread betting.

Let the games begin

Overnight, the US became the new frontier for sports betting. Several of the industry’s current and future players made moves this week.

Sports leagues hunker down

New Jersey’s victory is a “loss” for sports leagues, their first in the years-long fight with the state. The NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB were the plaintiffs, and they’d won every single battle before losing the war in the highest court.

Every US league released a statement in the wake of the ruling, and the conversation engulfed the sports industry.

DFS cozies up to sports betting

After years of distancing themselves from sports betting, daily fantasy sports operators are suddenly embracing the potential. With arms wide open; now everything has changed. There’s no legal reason to hide it anymore.

This week in #DFS:

The leftovers

We wrote about a great many things this week, and some stories still slipped though the cracks: