As FanDuel Trims Costs, DraftKings Still Leads In Daily Fantasy Football

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We know that FanDuel moved to trim costs this week, during a round of layoffs. But when it comes to revenue and handle for daily fantasy football, we know DraftKings still leads.

Heading into week 15 of the NFL season, DraftKings still outpaces its rival in terms of entry fees, and the amount of money it is making from those fees.

It all comes during a bit of change for FanDuel. After CEO Nigel Eccles was left his position recently, the company also reduced its staff.

The top-line figures at DraftKings and FanDuel

According to a sampling of the publicly viewable NFL contests from Dec. 4-10, DraftKings realized about $3 million in revenue.

The sample included guaranteed prize pools and non-guaranteed contests. (The sample does not account for any free entries the sites may have given out, which would not be visible.)

The site generated more than $25 million in entry fees, aka handle.

FanDuel, meanwhile, remained in second place in both metrics ($17 million handle, $2.3 million revenue), a position it has been familiar with every week of the NFL season.

The above figures do not include revenue or handle from other sports.

Prior weeks for NFL at DraftKings and FanDuel


DraftKings handleDraftKings revenueFanDuel handleFanDuel revenue
Week 1NA$1.3 millionNA$700,000
Week 2$25 million$2.8 million$16 million$2.1 million
Week 3$29 million$3.3 million$17 million$2.1 million
Week 4$32 million$4 million$16 million$2.2 million
Week 5$31 million$3.6 million$16 million$2.2 million
Week 6$32 million$4.1 million$18 million$2.8 million
Week 7$28 million$3.2 million$16 million$2.3 million
Week 8$27 million$2.9 million$15 million$2.2 million
Week 9$25 million$3 million$15 million$2.3 million
Week 10$27 million$3.2 million$15 million$2.4 million
Week 11$27 million$3.2 million$14 million$2.2 million
Week 12$38 million$4.5 million$22 million$3.2 million
Week 13$26 million$2.9 million$16 million$2.4 million
Week 14$25 million$3 million$17 million$2.3 million

The guarantees

DraftKings says this is the last week that its Millionaire Maker will be available at the $20 price point. But it’s offering five different contests that guarantee a million dollars, including one that starts on Saturday.

Meanwhile, at FanDuel, there are two such contests. But you would have to add up its top three contests to equal the guarantee in DraftKings’ top contest.

Contest guarantee (entry fee)$3 million ($20)$1.25 million ($250)
Contest guarantee (entry fee)$1.25 million ($1,550)$1.2 million ($7)
Contest guarantee (entry fee)$1 million ($555)$400,000 ($33)
Contest guarantee (entry fee)$1 million ($3)$250,000 ($1,590)
Contest guarantee (entry fee)$1 million ($8, Saturday)$200,000 ($5,250)