Big 12 Brings On Sports Betting Integrity Partner After Iowa State Scandal

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Iowa sports betting

US Integrity will be providing the Big 12 with sports betting monitoring software as part of a partnership announced Wednesday, while a probe involving conference member Iowa State continues. 

The integrity monitor had already been touring Big 12 campuses this summer to provide sports betting education to student-athletes. 

Big 12 member institution Iowa State saw several student-athletes charged with tampering as part of the IA sports betting probe. The probe remains ongoing, LSR confirmed with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation

“Given the current landscape of sports betting in our industry, it’s more important than ever to double-down on ensuring sport integrity across our conference,” Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark said in a press release

Big 12 utilizing sports betting monitor

ProhiBet is US Integrity’s monitoring software. Per the release: 

“ProhiBet (is) a technology that provides a secure and transparent method for sports properties and sportsbook operators to ensure that student-athletes, coaches, and administrative staff remain compliant with the intricate web of state regulations that govern sports betting activities.”

Conference officials and each Big 12 institution will be provided access to the monitoring software.

These resources include annual onsite training for all student-athletes, coaches, staff, and officials, weekly integrity monitoring across all sports, and access to the Prohibet system.

Iowa to appeal one sports betting ban

On Wednesday, University of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz gave an update to local reporters on the part of the scandal that involves his school, which plays in the Big 10.

Ferentz said defensive tackle Noah Shannon has been suspended for the season as part of the sports betting probe. Shannon, however, did not receive criminal charges. The school is appealing his ban. 

Iowa released a statement Tuesday saying 11 student-athletes will have their NCAA eligibility affected as part of the probe. 

Necessity of NCAA wagering education

US Integrity founder and CEO Matt Holt explained to LSR last month why education sessions are so important for student-athletes:

“With everything going on, I think colleges understand the need on their side for more education and awareness,” Holt said. “We take for granted that all of these young men and women understand the rules and laws that are really complex in all of these jurisdictions.

“We’re excited to be able to bring some real-life examples to these campuses, and hopefully these student-athletes walk away with a little knowledge they didn’t have prior.”