What Now For MA Sports Betting License Hopeful After Caesars Withdrawal?

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Raynham Park’s pathway to an in-person MA sports betting license has been muddied after Caesars Sportsbook withdrew from their partnership agreement last week.

On Monday, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission decided Raynham Park’s suitability review for a Massachusetts sports betting license could not continue without an operator partner. 

State regulators will hear from Raynham Park (Massasoit Greyhound Association) at a later date regarding whether the arduous process, which has already included five days of hearings, will continue. 

“I don’t have an answer on the timing of next steps, or to be quite frank, if there will be any,” attorney Jed Nosal, representing Raynham Park, said. 

Raynham Park makes progress

Raynham Park did make a step forward, if it elects to carry on. 

The MGC ruled in a 4-1 vote that Chris Carney, the son of Raynham Park owner George Carney, could be removed from its application. Commissioner Eileen O’Brien was the lone ‘no’ vote. 

A dispute over Carney’s involvement in Raynham Park’s operations had been at the forefront of the hearings. Reported improper dealings with sludge by his waste management company also arose. 

Should Raynham Park secure a license, Carney must, and has agreed to, cease all involvement in the company moving forward. 

MA sports betting partnership exits

Raynham Park has now lost operating partners bet365 (online) and Caesars (in-person). It cannot continue the process unless it convinces Caesars to change its mind or gets another operator to head its in-person sportsbook. 

Raynham Park hoped to gain suitability Monday, and then deal with its partnership situation. State regulators, however, decided to adjourn, despite chair Cathy Judd-Stein desiring to continue.

Caesars had been hoping to open a 30,000-square foot in-person sportsbook at Raynham Park in September. Caesars did not respond to LSR’s request for comment on the situation.

In-person MA sports betting scene

There are currently three in-person sports betting options in Massachusetts: