BetMGM Sportsbook Move From Reds Stadium Not Tied To Alabama Scandal

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BetMGM Sportsbook is relocating from Great American Ball Park to the entertainment district in downtown Cincinnati

However, a BetMGM spokesperson told LSR that the recent University of Alabama baseball betting incident that took place at the location had nothing to do with the move.

“No correlation at all,” the BetMGM spokesperson said. “Our current location at the Machine Room at Great American Ball Park was always meant to be temporary. Our new location is much larger and will feature a full National Kitchen & Bar Restaurant.” 

Alabama baseball betting incident

The BetMGM Sportsbook at Great American Ball Park is where Bert Eugene Neff Jr. allegedly placed suspicious bets on the April 28 college baseball game between Alabama and LSU

The scandal led to the firing of Crimson Tide baseball coach Brad Bohannon.

An investigation by the Ohio Casino Control Commission remains ongoing. LSR has reached out to the OCCC for an update. 

BetMGM location was not performing

A source told LSR that the move was a product of the Reds’ ballpark location producing little foot traffic, and the new space becoming available unexpectedly. The move was in motion long before the wagering incident, the source added.

BetMGM Sportsbook at Great American Ball Park has been the worst performing in-person sportsbook in Ohio.

From the Jan. 1 launch of OH sports betting through April, the location in Cincinnati has lost $8,025 in gross gaming revenue.

BetMGM, Reds sports betting details

BetMGM became the Reds’ official sports betting partner in October 2022 as part of a multi-year deal. 

The current BetMGM Sportsbook at Great American Ball Park will stay open through the fall of this year. 

“We are thrilled to expand BetMGM’s offering in Ohio,” chief revenue officer Matt Prevost said in a news release. “The Reds and Nation Kitchen & Bar are great partners and together we’re building a premier entertainment venue that we can’t wait to see filled with fans.”

Video keys wagering investigation

Surveillance video at the sportsbook proved vital to thwarting the Alabama-LSU betting activity. The video apparently showed direct communication between Bohannon and Neff Jr.

“I can’t get into the facts, but let’s just say that (Neff’s) activity and his mannerisms around the actual sportsbook employees triggered them to then go to their manager, who said, ‘Let’s get surveillance on this,’” US Integrity founder and CEO Matt Holt told LSR.

“And I think when the facts come out, when their investigation is done and they have to release the evidence, everyone will see that this guy didn’t make it hard. What he did, his activity, made it blatantly obvious something was wrong. And then they were able to report to their manager, and they were able to go to surveillance and get an unbelievable amount of evidence via surveillance.”