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UP TO $100 Deposit Match


Sleeper Fantasy is offering a 100% first deposit match for up to $100 in bonus credit toward Sleeper Picks or Sleeper Daily Drafts. To qualify, sign up for an account with the promo code LSRBET.

Sleeper DFS promo codeLSRBET
Sign-up bonus info100% first deposit match up to $100
Minimum depositN/A
Deposit optionsBank transfer, Apple Pay, Credit card (Visa, Discover)
Available statesAK, AL*, AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV*, WY   *Sleeper Picks not available in AL and WV
Last updatedJuly 2024

Sleeper bonus terms and conditions

The Sleeper Fantasy bonus is available to all new users in states where Sleeper offers real money DFS contests. To claim the promotion, sign up for a new account with the promo code LSRBET.

When you activate this bonus, Sleeper will match your first real money deposit on the platform dollar-for-dollar in bonus credit, up to a maximum of $100. You can then use the bonus credit to enter Sleeper contests for a chance to win real money payouts. Bonus funds should generally appear in your Sleeper wallet instantly, though it can take up to three days.

Keep in mind that bonus credit is not eligible for withdrawal on its own, and it won’t be part of a payout for any winning entries. Moreover, since Sleeper’s Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Bracket Mania, and Fantasy LCS contests are free-to-play only, bonus credits will not apply to those game modes.

You must be 18 or older to sign up at Sleeper in most states where it is available. Higher age restrictions apply in some states.

Is Sleeper legal?

Sleeper is a fantasy sports platform, with both free-to-play and real money contests. Sleeper offers free-to-play fantasy leagues across the country, plus real money game modes in 29 states and Washington, DC.

Since it does not identify itself as a sportsbook, Sleeper does not operate under the same licensing requirements as online sportsbooks. As such, you may be able to play Sleeper DFS contests for real money even in some states where traditional sports betting is not available. At the same time, some states that permit online sportsbooks may not allow paid DFS platforms.

In most cases, you must be 18 or older to use Sleeper, though some states impose higher age restrictions (19 or older in Alabama and Nebraska, 21 or older in Massachusetts).

States where Sleeper DFS is available

Sleeper Fantasy offers skill-based real money contests in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, DC.

In most of those states, you can participate in both Sleeper Daily Drafts and Sleeper Picks contests. However, Sleeper Picks are not available in Alabama or West Virginia.

States where sleeper DFS is unavailable

You can not play real money DFS contests at Sleeper in any of the following states: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or Washington.

Keep in mind that Sleeper Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Bracket Mania, Fantasy LCS, and other free-to-play game modes may still be available in the above states.

How to sign up using Sleeper promo code LSRBET

It doesn’t take long to sign up and claim the Sleeper DFS bonus. First, click on one of the links on this page to head to the Sleeper site. Then, click the sign-up button and start by entering your email address, plus a username and password. Then enter the promo code LSRBET to unlock the bonus.

Once you verify your email address, you can make a deposit into your Sleeper wallet. You can deposit using a credit card (Visa or Discover), an instant bank transfer, or Apple Pay, if you’re using an iOS device.

Once Sleeper has received your deposit, it will issue a matching amount in bonus credit to your wallet, up to the maximum of $100. For example, if your first deposit at Sleeper is $50, the platform will credit you with $50 in bonus funds.

Sleeper DFS review

Sleeper first launched in 2014, originally under the name Sleeperbot. Before it started hosting fantasy leagues in 2017, Sleeper provided fantasy chat, NFL news and alerts. Since 2017, it has grown into one of the most popular fantasy apps in the United States, with both free-to-play leagues and real money DFS options for the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and college football and basketball, plus esports.

At Sleeper, you can find classic, free-to-play season-long football and basketball leagues. These consist of redraft, keeper, and dynasty modes, with some additional game modes available for each sport. Sleeper also offers two real money modes: Sleeper Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks. Draft leagues are weekly pay-to-play snake drafts with entry fees ranging from $1 to $1,000; Picks are over/under-based “pick’em” style games.

There are both free and real money options, plus a variety of other in-app features: live scores, stat tracking, fantasy advice, podcasts, chat groups. You can use Sleeper to host your annual fantasy football league or lock in real money Picks entries.

Sleeper is available as an iOS or Android app or directly in-browser on its website. The iOS app has an average rating of 4.7/5, while the Android app has an average rating of 4.2/5.

User interface

From the website to the app, Sleeper offers a smooth, feature-dense layout that makes it easy to navigate between the various game modes. The most popular way to play is the Sleeper app, which has hundreds of thousands of downloads on both iOS and Android.

On the app, the layout is relatively simple, with five basic tabs, which you can toggle between using the five icons on the bottom of your screen. Here they are from left to right:

If you slide to the left from the home screen, you can find a personal tab, with your DMs, mentions, and group chats. This is also the easiest way to access your account settings and wallet.

The Sleeper Fantasy app aims to be a one-stop shop for fantasy players, where you can play season-long leagues, weekly drafts, and pick’em contests, check game scores, follow sports news, and more, all from a single app. This means that while the app is feature-rich and functional, the layout is a little crowded, and some users may find it overwhelming at first.

Customer service

If you run into an issue with your account or the platform, Sleeper does have customer support options available.

These include an extensive FAQ section and a chat function that should get you a reply within a day. You can also submit an email ticket at [email protected] or reach out on Twitter (@SleeperSupport).

Deposits and withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing at Sleeper is relatively straightforward. Though there are relatively few available payment methods, the ones that Sleeper does offer are among the most widely used, meaning most customers will likely have little trouble finding a method that works.

You can deposit money into your Sleeper wallet using a Visa credit card, Discover credit card, Apple Pay, or a bank transfer. There is no minimum deposit, but there is a maximum daily deposit of $1,000.

To withdraw funds, you must provide Sleeper with an email address and a verified Social Security number to effect a bank transfer. While you can deposit at Sleeper using Apple Pay or a credit card, these methods are not available for withdrawals.

Deposits can take one to three business days to process. Withdrawals can take up to a week and have taken even longer in some rare cases.

Game selection

One thing that helps set Sleeper apart from some of its competitors is the diversity of game modes it offers, both free to play and ones you can play for a chance to win money.  

Free-to-play contests

Sleeper’s free-to-play game modes will be familiar to veterans of fantasy football and basketball leagues, though with a few twists. Both are available in three formats: redraft (a new draft from scratch each year), keepers (each team retains a designated number of players), or dynasty (each team retains its full roster; teams draft for free agents and rookies only.)

Sleeper Fantasy Football offers casual-friendly best ball leagues (no waivers, substitutes, or setting lineups) as well as classic leagues with the full team management experience. Both formats are season-long, and you can choose from linear, snake, or auction draft formats. Sleeper also offers an array of commissioner tools, scoring customization, and additional features for dynasty leagues, including offseason player movement.

Sleeper Fantasy Basketball also offers linear, snake, and auction drafts, along with a range of customizable options, research tools, and social functions. The most important thing to note is that there are two modes for basketball — lock-in and game pick — both of which aim to reduce the impact of scheduling in determining league outcomes.

On top of these, you can also find special challenges like Bracket Mania (a dedicated March Madness bracket-builder challenge) and Sleeper LCS, a free-to-play platform for League of Legends fantasy leagues. All of Sleeper’s free fantasy leagues are ad-free and support in-app group chats.

Real money DFS contests

Sleeper has two types of contests that you can play to win real money prizes: Sleeper Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks. Daily Draft mimics a more traditional fantasy league experience in a shorter time frame, while Sleeper Picks is a single-player contest, involving over/under predictions on player stats.

Sleeper Daily Draft

To enter a daily draft, you’ll pay a $1 fee to enter a snake draft with seven competitors for that week’s action. Once your draft is complete, you have two choices. Stay in your $1 draft pool and compete for small cash prizes ($4 for first, $2 for second, $1 for third). Or, if you like the look of your lineup, you have 10 minutes to enter bonus contests. Bonus contests can be either head-to-heads or as group contests, with entry fees from $5 to $1,000.

If you enter a head-to-head contest, your lineup will be randomly matched against another competitor who paid the same entry fee. Since the competitor was not part of your draft, keep in mind you may have some of the same players. Then, it’s a simple head-to-head fantasy matchup, using Sleeper’s standard fantasy scoring rules. The payout structures are as follows:

H2H Entry FeeWinner Payout

If you enter a group contest, you will match up against up to seven other competitors who also chose a matching entry fee. As with the head-to-head contests, the week will use Sleeper’s standard scoring system. If there is a tie, the winner will be the team with the highest-scoring players. Payouts are as follows:

Group Contest Entry FeePlayer Payouts
$5First: $20 Second: $10   Third: $5
$10First: $40 Second: $20   Third: $10
$25First: $110 Second: $50   Third: $20
$50First: $210 Second: $100   Third: $50
$100First: $420 Second: $200   Third: $100

Sleeper Picks

Sleeper Picks consists of real money pick’em contests where users combine two or more “more” or “less” player stat predictions into a parlay-style ticket. Each prediction has its own multiplier, which contributes to the total multiplier for your ticket. The maximum available payout is 100x your stake.

When you open the Sleeper Picks menu (indicated by the dollar sign icon in the Sleeper app), you’ll see a full range of all of the available player picks. For each league, you can sort by most popular or you can browse by stat type, of which Sleeper has an exhaustive collection. Below is a full list of the available stats by sport:

To build a Sleeper Picks entry, click the up arrow (more) or down arrow (less) to make a prediction for between two and eight selections, and enter a stake. The potential payout for your entry will go up with each selection you add, depending on the multiplier for each pick. Note that “more” and “less” selections for the same stat often have different multipliers. For instance, Giannis Antetokounmpo could have a line of 31.5 total points, with a multiplier of 1.82x if you picked him to get more than that and a multiplier of 1.76x if you picked less.

To give you an idea of how it works, let’s say you wanted to make a Sleeper Picks entry for the upcoming week’s NBA games with the following selections:

When you combine the individual multipliers, this entry comes out to an overall multiplier of 10.48x. That means a $1 stake would pay out $10.48 if you got all four picks correct, a $5 stake would pay out $52.40, a $10 stake would pay out $104.80, and so on. If you don’t get all four picks correct, you lose.

Sleeper DFS final thoughts

Sleeper is one of the most widely used fantasy platforms in the country, with popular free-to-play and real money options. Whether you’re looking for a season-long NFL league, an NBA dynasty league, or just some player picks for the upcoming weekend, Sleeper has some options. Here’s our full list of the pros and cons of Sleeper Fantasy:

Sleeper DFS pros:

Sleeper DFS cons:

Sleeper is solidly among the most popular fantasy and DFS platforms on the market, especially for serious fantasy players. The depth of options and commissioner tools for fantasy leagues is solid, as is the variety of formats. You can also track live scores and stats directly in the app, stay up to date with sports news, and more.

For real money DFS, Sleeper is also one of the highly popular options. Sleeper Picks offers many game modes and Sleeper Daily Drafts offer short-term fantasy leagues that you can play for real money.

The primary downside is the limited deposit and withdrawal options, which can pose an inconvenience to some players. However, given that Sleeper accepts credit card deposits and that you can make withdrawals via bank transfer, this is unlikely to be a deal-breaker for most players.

Sleeper DFS user reviews

If you’re in the process of deciding whether Sleeper is right for you, a good place to start is reviews from current users. Below, we go over reviews from both iOS and Android users:

Sleeper DFS iOS reviews

The Sleeper app ranks 13th in the sports category on the Apple App Store, with over 152,000 reviews and an average score of 4.7/5. It has a wealth of positive reviews, many of which are from customers who use it to host their fantasy leagues. Among the things they note are the better stats tracking and UI compared to many other platforms.

There are also a number of reviews from DFS players, who cite the range of game options, as well as the sleek, sophisticated layout. Some users note that the interface is fairly complex, which is understandable, given that it is densely packed with information. Overall, the average rating speaks to how well-designed and functional the Sleeper iOS app is.

Sleeper DFS Google Play reviews

The Sleeper app has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, with an average score of 4.2/5 based on over 37,000 reviews. As with the iOS store, the majority of the reviews are from users who use Sleeper’s free-to-play fantasy features, with many praising the commissioner tools and customizability. Many players also note their satisfaction with the Sleeper Picks options, particularly compared to other DFS apps.

Sleeper’s slightly lower rating on the Google Play Store appears to be the result of several one-star reviews that were logged prior to a software update that included a number of major bug fixes.

Sleeper DFS coming soon

Sleeper offers real money DFS contests in 29 states plus Washington, DC. The platform does not offer real money contests in AZ, CT, DE, HI, IA, ID, LA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, MT, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, TN, and WA. Check back for news regarding Sleeper DFS’s availability in additional states.

Sleeper DFS guide

First-time users who download Sleeper for its real money DFS options may initially be confused, given how much of the Sleeper platform is devoted to hosting free, season-long fantasy football and basketball leagues. Users looking for real money contests have two options on the Sleeper app: Sleeper Picks and Sleeper Daily Draft.

Customers can access Sleeper Picks by clicking the dollar-sign icon in the center of the bottom toolbar. This will display all of the available over/under picks that you can combine into a contest entry. Choose between two and eight selections, and then enter a stake to view the potential payout and confirm the entry. If all of your picks are correct, your Sleeper Picks entry wins. The minimum stake for Sleeper Picks entries is $1, and the maximum is $1,000.

Sleeper Daily Drafts are accessible by clicking the furthest-right icon in the bottom toolbar and then selecting Daily Drafts. When you pay a $1 entry fee, you’ll be entered into an eight-user snake draft, following which you’ll have 10 minutes to decide if you want to enter your lineup into bonus head-to-head or group leagues. These leagues are available for NFL and NBA fantasy, following standard Sleeper fantasy scoring, with entry fees ranging from $5 to $1,000.

To view a more detailed overview of all the DFS options at Sleeper and how they work, head to the game selection section of this review.

Comparing Sleeper DFS with other platforms

With so many DFS platforms available, it can be difficult to choose between them. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the key points of comparison between Sleeper and some of its top competitors: DraftKings, FanDuel, Underdog, and SuperDraft.

FeatureSleeperDraftKingsFanDuelUnderdog FantasySuperDraft Fantasy
Game typesTraditional fantasy leagues plus daily fantasy sports (Sleeper Daily Drafts, Sleeper Picks)Traditional sports betting plus daily fantasy sports (salary cap, best ball)Traditional sports betting plus daily fantasy sports (salary cap, best ball)Daily fantasy sports (best ball, battle royale, pick’em)Daily fantasy sports (salary cap, multiplier, champion mode, super 15)
Available marketsDaily Drafts: 29/50 states   Picks: 27/50 states44/50 states44/50 statesBest ball: 41/50 Pick’em: 31/50 states34/50 states
Banking optionsApple Pay, credit cards (Visa and Discover), bank transferPayPal, Venmo, credit and debit cards, online banking, prepaid cardsPayPal, Venmo, credit and debit cards, online banking, prepaid cardsPayPal, credit and debit cards, InterchecksCredit cards (deposit only), ACH, e-check (both withdrawal only)

Sleeper promo code and app FAQ

What is the Sleeper promo code?

The promo code to claim the bonus at Sleeper Fantasy is LSRBET. Signing up with that code will qualify you for a 100% match of your first deposit for up to $100 in bonus credit.

Is Sleeper DFS legal?

Sleeper hosts free fantasy leagues for users across the country, plus pay-to-play daily fantasy sports contests in 29 states: AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV, and WY, plus Washington, DC.

Can I bet using Sleeper?

Sleeper is not a traditional online sportsbook. As such, you will not find moneylines, point spreads, game totals, parlays, or any other traditional sports bets on the Sleeper platform. The only real money game modes available are Daily Drafts, which are weekly fantasy leagues, and Sleeper Picks, in which users submit parlay-style contest entries that involve picking whether individual players will accumulate more or less of a specific stat than the line that Sleeper has set.

Does Sleeper offer college sports?

Yes, Sleeper has fantasy and DFS options for both college football and basketball, including a dedicated Bracket Mania challenge for March Madness. This includes college basketball and football player stats as part of the Sleeper Picks menu.

How old do I have to be to use Sleeper?

In most states, the minimum age to use Sleeper is 18, but higher age restrictions can apply. For instance, Alabama and Nebraska require users to be 19 or older, and Massachusetts requires users to be 21 or older.

Can I win real money at Sleeper?

Yes, provided you are located in one of the 29 states where Sleeper offers real money contests, you can play Sleeper Daily Drafts or Sleeper Picks for a chance to win money. Sleeper also offers free-to-play fantasy football, basketball, and esports options for users who do not want to play for real money.

Other similar platforms

Sleeper is not the only DFS platform available for users looking to play real money fantasy sports contests. If you’re still in the market for a new fantasy platform, here are a few options to consider: