Daily Fantasy Sports Investment & Acquisition Tracker

Last updated: February 23, 2018

Our investment and acquisition tracker for the one-day fantasy sports industry provides a handy snapshot of the major funding rounds for top-tier DFS sites as well as an abridged history of acquisitions in the industry.

Approximate total raised to date by daily fantasy sports companies*: $1.3 billion


SiteAmountTypeDateNotable backersMore info
AlphaDraft$5mmSeedMay, 2015Metamorphic Ventures, Former NBA Commissioner David Stern More info.
Boom Fantasy$1.4mmSeed2015
Boom Fantasy$2mmSeed2017 More info.
Draft$2.1mmSeedDecember, 2014 More info.
Draft$3.5mmSeries AMarch, 2015Upfront Ventures
DraftUnknownUnknownDecember 2016 More info.
Draft Ops$7mmFriends and familyJune, 2015 More info.
DraftKings$1.4mmSeedJuly, 2012Atlas Ventures More info.
DraftKings$7mmSeries AMay, 2013Atlas Ventures More info.
DraftKings$3mmUndisclosedUnknown More info.
DraftKings$24mmSeries BNovember, 2013Redpoint Ventures, GGV Capital, BDS Ventures, Atlas Ventures. More info.
DraftKings$41mmSeries CAugust, 2014Raine Group, Redpoint Ventures, GGV Capital, Atlas Venture More info.
DraftKings$49.6 mmUndisclosedUnknown More info.
DraftKings$200mmUndisclosedSummer 2015UnknownMore info.
DraftKings$300mmSeries DJuly, 2015Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Madison Square Garden Company, Kraft Group, Raine Group More info.
DraftKings$150mmUndisclosedSetepmber, 2016Revolution GrowthMore info.
DraftKings$70mmUndisclosedFebruary, 2016
DraftKings$118 mmSeries E1March, 2017Eldridge IndustriesMore info.
DraftPot$2.2mmSeedSeptember, 2015 More info.
DraftStreet (later bought by DraftKings)$3.7mmSeries AMay, 2013InteractiveCorp More info.
FanDuel$1.2mmSeries AJuly, 2009Scottish Investment Bank More info.
FanDuel$4mmSeries BSeptember, 2011Piton Capital More info.
FanDuel$1.3mmBridgeApril, 2012Piton Capital More info.
FanDuel$11mmSeries CJanuary, 2013Comcast Ventures More info.
FanDuel$70mmSeries DSeptember, 2014Shamrock Capital, KKR, NBC Sports VEnntures More info.
FanDuel$275mmSeries EJuly, 2015KKR, Google Capital, Time Warner, NBC Sports Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Shamrock Capital More info.
FanDuel$55mmConvertible noteSeptember, 2016
FanDuel$26.4mmConvertible noteSeptember, 2017
FantasyFeud$1mmSeedApril, 2012 More info.
Fantazzle$.35mm2009-2010 More info.
iTeam$3mmAngelJuly, 2015Gabe Hunterton, CEOMore info.
Oulala$1.3mmAngelDecember, 2016More info.
SportsLock$5mmSeries AJune, 2015Wicklow Capital More info.
Star Fantasy Leagues$2mmSeptember, 2014International Investment and Underwriting More info.
Topline (parent of DailyMVP)$25mmJune, 2013Cantor Ventures
Victiv$2.1mmSeedAugust, 2014 More info.
Victiv$2.5mmSeedJuly, 2015 More info.
Victiv$.7mmSeedApril, 2014 More info.
Vulcun$12mmSeries AApril, 2015Sequoia Capital, Universal Music Group More info.

FanDuel funding history

Total raised to date (publicly known): $362.5 million

July 2015: FanDuel closed a $275mm funding round.

November 2014: FanDuel acquires a high-profile investor in the NBA. The exact terms of the deal between FanDuel and the NBA were not disclosed, but the companies did confirm that the partnership gave the NBA a stake in FanDuel.

September 2014: FanDuel raised the bar for the entire industry once again, when it secured $70mm from a multitude of investors, including  Shamrock Capital Advisors, NBC Sports Ventures, KKR, and the company’s already sizable existing pool of investors.

January 2013: With DraftKings proving to be a serious competitor to FanDuel’s DFS dominance, the company raised a further $11mm in January of 2013, mainly from a new source, Comcast Ventures, a subsidiary of Comcast Corp.

April 2012: A further $1.3mm was raised from the company’s existing investors.

September 2011: FanDuel raised $4mm in a Series B round led by venture capital firm Piton Capital.

July 2009: New York-based FanDuel received roughly $1.2mm in Series A funding led by Scottish Investment Bank and Pentech Ventures.

DraftKings funding history

Total raised to date (publicly known): $894.7 million

March 2017: Eldridge Industries invests $118.7 million.

September 2016: Revolution Growth announced an investment of more than $150 million.

Summer 2015: Shortly after the July round, the Boston Globe reported DraftKings received another $200mm in funding, which still has not been disclosed.

July 2015: DraftKings raised $300mm, with Fox Sports as the lead investor for about half of the amount.

Unknown: DraftKings CEO Jason Robins told the New York Times that it has raised $426 million in funding, leaving a gap of $50mm between known public funding rounds and the figure the NYT reported.

August 2014: As their arms race with FanDuel heated up, DraftKings easily surpassed all of their previous investment tallies combined in August of 2014, when four investment firms, the Raine Group, Redpoint Ventures, GGV Capital, and Atlas Ventures supplied the company with a further $41mm of capital.

November 2013: DraftKings received its largest infusion of capital in its short existence, when it raised $24mm from a group of four investors, spearheaded by Redpoint Ventures, as well as contributions from GGV Capital, BDS Ventures, and the company’s longtime investor Atlas Ventures.

August 2013: DraftKings raised $3mm from unnamed investors.

May 2013: Atlas Ventures pumped another $7mm into DraftKings coffers.

July 2012: The Boston-based company was founded by Jason Robbins, Paul Liberman, and Matt Kalish in 2012 with $1.4mm in seed money from Atlas Ventures.

DFS acquisitions

*Based on publicly reported amounts.