The Week In Sports Betting: NJ Growth And Dispatches From G2E

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Hey, it’s Friday, and you know that that means! It’s time for our weekly recap of sports betting news from across the country — nay, the world.

What’s that?… Saturday, you say?… Ha, no no, that can’t be right, can it? Sorry, these past few days have been pretty hectic. Let’s just roll with it.

Much of the gambling world was in Las Vegas this week for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the hard-to-explain-how-big-it-is conference showcasing the industry’s newest toys. Some of our crew was there, too, so we’re running a bit behind schedule on content. Sorry about that.

This week’s recap will feature plenty of news from G2E, but we’ll pretend everything is normal and begin where tradition dictates. Let’s go to New Jersey, shall we?

New Jersey numbers and such

During a panel appearance, top NJ regulator David Rebuck teased the upcoming NJ sports betting report.

The numbers dropped on Friday, and they were… well, a bit underwhelming in the context of Rebuck’s build-up.

Sportsbooks took in around $185 million in wagers for the month, leading to $24 million in revenue. Online/mobile betting has taken control of the market as expected, responsible for well over half of those numbers.

DraftKings Sportsbook was the big winner, booking a September win of about $8 million — a third of the total for all operators, onlione and retail included. FanDuel Sportsbook generated just under $3 million in revenue.

Those numbers certainly aren’t small, it should be said. Any letdown is mostly our own fault for expecting handle north of $300 million, and these figures will only grow as the sports calendar fills in this fall.

Also in NJ this week:

News from other states

NFOS starts in a strange land this week. Quite suddenly, a sixth state finds itself on the cusp of legal sports betting.

Takes and tidbits

What else is there to say? A few things, actually. Here’s what spilled over into the back pages of this week’s sports betting newspaper.

That’s it, believe it or not — at least for the textual stuff.

With much of our team in attendance at G2E, though, a “very special episode” of TheLines Podcast broke out. A group of five recorded this week’s episode live at Lagasse’s Stadium. Check it:

Have a good weekend, ladies and gents. What’s left of it, anyhow.