WinView Games Review

For a devoted fan, staying engaged in an early-January matchup of NBA cellar-dwellers is difficult, going on impossible.  Sometimes Major League Baseball games just don’t mean enough in July to tune in just for the fun of it. Even watching the Super Bowl — if it’s a blowout — can become tedious.

But what if there was a way to make any game become meaningful while also allowing US sports fans pocket some cash?

WinView Games brings that possibility to reality, and it is as simple as it is fun.

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What is WinView?

WinView insists it is neither sports betting nor daily fantasy sports. Yet it still combines the two experiences.

Turn on a nationally televised sporting event — NBA, NFL, NCAA basketball, even mixed martial arts — and there will likely be a contest to join inside the WinView app related to that event. Users compete against one another — for real money — making predictions about what will happen during the event.

You can enter a contest at no cost or put your money where your mouth is with contests that dole out cash rewards.

Most questions can be answered on WinView’s website, from which the app can be downloaded Android. The app is also available through the App Store.

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How do play at WinView?

If you’re watching a game on national TV, there’s almost certainly an accompanying contest at WinView. In the WinView app, the first page users are taken to is the schedule:

You just find the game you are watching and enter the “room” associated with the contest. “Rooms” are where you are matched up against other players and answer questions about the game you’re watching.

Types of contests

There are currently free rooms (Ticket Only Tryouts, where top players earn tickets; and Freerolls, which is a ticket-entry room where players compete against a larger leaderboard for cash). Users receive free tickets just for signing up.

You can also play for cash with different paid-entry rooms:

  • Beginner: Open to novice players and only up to 20 paid entries.
  • Classic: Multiplayer room, ranging in capacity
  • Multiplier: Winners can double or even quintuple their entry fees
  • 50/50: Half the players in the room win cash

Here is what the lobby looks like when picking which contest to play:

Playing a contest

Each contest is based on a single quarter for NFL and NBA games. Arrive in time for kickoff between the Eagles and the Patriots, and players will be prompted to predict six props. For example:

  • If returned, will the opening kickoff be returned passed the 25-yard line?

  • Will the Eagles pick up three first downs on their first drive?

  • Will Nick Foles have more completed passes than Tom Brady in the first quarter?

Live props will also pop up during breaks in the action (“Will the next shot be a made three-point shot?”) That’s a result of WinView producers monitoring each game while interacting with players in each room.

Users have a pool of points with which they can make predictions. Play it safe with 250, up the ante to 500, or go for broke with 750 points. There is a “ONE-SHOT” option where players can win 1,000 points but lose none. Each prop will come with odds, based on which side of the prediction the WinView producers believe is more or less likely. Longer-shot predictions yield more points when correct.

Players with the most points at the end of the quarterly contests win cash (if in a cash room). Users can enter multiple rooms at once, but predictions will be the same in each contest.

Players are not obligated to play against the world. Grab a group of friends and create a league after clicking the “Social” icon. Each league can have up to 20 players, and players can be members of up to four leagues simultaneously.

WinView registration process

Signing up is quick and easy, which is ideal, considering there is money to be won and who wants to spend long periods of time registering?

There is no web-based platform on which to play WinView. You have to download the WinView app to get into the action.

Upon opening the WinView app, users are taken to a registration screen, where they can input their email address or a phone number. From there, connect a PayPal account or a major credit card, or get your feet wet with rooms that cost tickets instead of money. There are contests that cost users tickets to enter but reward the top finishers with cash.

For cash-entry contests, users will need PayPal or a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are all accepted). In a current promotion, users who put in $20 on their first deposit will received an additional $20 from WinView. Those who refer a friend will also receive $10.

Once their accounts are connected to PayPal or a credit card, users have free rein on the WinView app.

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Where can you play WinView?

The company is live in 36 states as a “game of skill,” although more states are reportedly on the way.

States where WinView is not operational include:

  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Washington

WinView does not operate in Alabama, Massachusetts, Nebraska, but there are plans for future operation in those three states. Paid-entry contests are available in all other states in the US.

Gaming Labs International has tested the product to ensure regulatory compliance and geolocation for its operation in the US.

On its website, WinView says that its paid contests are 100 percent legal. While the numerous props offered in each quarter certainly calls upon a player’s skills, the contests do not meet the definition of “fantasy sports” as codified in laws across the country, as WinView’s games are not based entirely on player performances. WinView also believes that the considerable skill needed to play its contests means it is not covered by gaming laws in most states.

That said, strategy is key in WinView, as conservative tactics will not yield the best results, which will keep players out of the money at the end of each quarter.

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