Westgate Mobile Sports Betting App

The Las Vegas SuperBook at the Westgate is held in the highest esteem of any sports book in Las Vegas.

After all, this is the “World’s Largest Race and Sports Book.” The physical sports book just completed a beautiful makeover but that’s only half the reason that the it’s so revered.

The point spreads and odds created by the staff at the Westgate are among the fairest you’ll find anywhere in the Nevada sports betting market and that’s what really matters to a sports bettor.

Let’s welcome the Westgate SuperBook to the sports betting app world.

Best point spreads and odds

The point spreads and odds are what separates the Westgate SuperBook app from the competition in the sports wagering app market.

The betting menu at Westgate not only offers more sports to wager on but there are also more wagers available in many of those sports. This is an industry best and should not be taken lightly by any serious sports bettor.

You can place the following wagers with the SuperBook app:

Using the SuperBook app

The SuperBook app operates on Miomni software which is also used in the sports wagering apps for Boyd Gaming (B-Connected Sports), Treasure Island and Wynn. The functionality of using the SuperBook app has the good and bad qualities of the other Miomni sports wagering apps.

The Miomni software is quick, responsive and easy to use. Navigating through the different sports, games and wagering options in the app isn’t a problem. However, if your eyes are bothered by a light colored font on a black background, you might have issues looking at the app for long periods of time.

Since the SuperBook app uses Miomni software you will have to turn off your wifi to look inside the app. You don’t need to open an account at Westgate before viewing the sports wagering menu on the SuperBook app, so anyone in Nevada can view the sports wagering menu with the SuperBook app.

However, you must be in Nevada to use the SuperBook app. The app won’t accept wagers outside of state lines.

All sports wagering apps offer the convenience of not having to walk to a sports book desk to place a wager but this is specifically important for the SuperBook.

This app will become extremely handy as a way to avoid the masses of people who descend on the sports book for major events to find Super Bowl odds and for March Madness betting. This year there were reports of 60-120 minute lines to place a wager before the Big Game.

The SuperBook app is only available for iOS and Android devices.

Opening a sports wagering account at Westgate

In order to begin using the SuperBook app, you must first sign up for an account. The two-step process should take about 10-15 minutes.

Sign-Up for a Westgate Players Club Card at the casino cashier. Once you’ve signed up for a Players Club Card visit the SuperBook desk to set up the wagering account.

You must bring legal identification to set up your wagering account. The minimum deposit is $100 and all deposits must be made in person at the Westgate SuperBook. Once your account it set up the Westgate staff will provide you with an account number and password. You can change the password inside the app if you prefer something different.

Withdrawals are made in cash at the Westgate sportsbook. There are no sign-up bonuses at this time.