Thrive Fantasy Review – $100 Signup Offer

Thrive Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports provider that has put its own twist on this format of game compared to most other DFS sites. With Thrive, you don’t pick an entire lineup of players. Instead, you wager on player prop totals.

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All of the available players you can choose are “top tier athletes that have the biggest impact on the game.” This is another key difference from the majority of DFS sites, where some games require you to pick cheaper valued options.

The props you choose to add each have an associated number of fantasy points based on their probability of happening. Like normal DFS, the entries that collect the most points win a portion of the given prize pool.

Thrive Fantasy is available for download now for both Apple and Android. Daily fantasy contests are available in a good part of the US, although laws differ from those covering legal sports wagering.

This review will cover everything you need to know about joining Thrive Fantasy.

Thrive Fantasy welcome offer for April 2024

Thrive Fantasy will match a new customer’s first deposit at a rate of 100%, up to $100. This means that if you put the full $100 into your account with your opening deposit, Thrive will match it so you begin with $200 total.

Additionally, Thrive has two add-ons for those who deposit $100 or $500. The $100 option gets you the full match of another $100, but also two free contest tickets worth $20 apiece. A $500 deposit gets you the same $100 in bonus funds, as well as six free contest tickets at $20 each.

This appears to be a solid welcome offer when looking at the available deals from other DFS sites.

Signing up at ThriveFantasy

Creating an account at Thrive Fantasy is easy. You need to give some basic information, including the following:

Once you input the above, you’re ready to deposit and start playing with Thrive. By signing up, you also agree to the DFS operator’s terms and conditions.

Everyone who uses Thrive Fantasy must be at least 18 years old. Certain states have different laws in place that raise the minimum age to either 19 or 21.

Registration eligibility at Thrive Fantasy

Thrive Fantasy includes some requirements to play there, like with every other online platform.

The minimum age to play DFS contests in most states is 18, but some require you to be older. You must be at least 19 in both Alabama and Nebraska, while the age is 21 in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana and Massachusetts.

Besides being the proper age, you need to be in a state where Thrive Fantasy offers its services. The DFS app will determine your exact positioning when you log in.

If you happen to be in a state where Thrive isn’t available or DFS is illegal, then you won’t be able to join any games or wager.

Also, similar to restrictions for betting through an online sportsbook, some people who work in sports can’t use Thrive Fantasy. Players, coaches, trainers and officials aren’t permitted to participate in DFS contests. This also typically applies to some casino employees.

Downloading the Thrive Fantasy app

Thrive Fantasy is active and ready for download for bettors in many states around the country. For those eligible to play, downloading the app takes only a few seconds.

Apple users can find it on the App Store, while those using Android can do the same through the Google Play Store.

Thrive is available to use through a web browser, as well. Whether you’re using a computer or your mobile device, you can access Thrive the same way.

Both options provide basically the same experience, with all of the same contests and sports.

Thrive Fantasy Promotions

Promotions are one area where ThriveFantasy falls a little short. It has a quality welcome bonus for new users, but at the moment there’s not much after that.

Since the DFS provider does offer free contest tickets in addition to the deposit match, it is a sign that Thrive might do more of that going forward.

The site does have a separate prop lobby, where Thrive pays out based on a multiplier for correct submissions. Instead of joining a contest with other participants, this is more of a sportsbook-type offering.

Here, a successful entry of five picks nets you 20.5x the amount you entered. A simple $10 has the potential to win $205. There’s a $10 maximum for your entry fee when using a promotional pick in your selections. Perhaps this is where Thrive will utilize more promos and deals in the future.

ThriveFantasy Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Thrive gives its bettors several ways to deposit and withdraw money. Currently, the DFS app allows you to deposit via the following methods:

When looking to withdraw some winnings, you can do so via an online bank transfer or claim your money through Prizeout, an instant gift card.

Available options

The options at Thrive have similarities to those at other DFS sites. Just like everywhere else, you’ll first pick which sport you want to compete in and how much you want to wager. Once you find a game that suits your needs, you select your lineup. That’s where Thrive differs from its competitors.

As opposed to picking players and staying under the given salary cap, you choose whether you like the over or under for some of the premier players in action that day.

From there, you’ll form your team by essentially creating a parlay from these individual player props. You’ll choose the amount of player totals that you need for that contest, and as always, the more points the better.

Each prop choice has a point total. Picking the side that’s less likely to occur rewards you with more points. You can see the differences when making your selections. If your picks end up performing well, you’ll take home a piece of the specific prize pool. The total money and number of overall entries are also readily available for each contest.

This is Thrive Fantasy’s traditional contest. It also has another option: versus matches. Instead of choosing one player’s overall performance based on an over/under, you take one player going up against another in a statistical category.

Thrive does the same thing, where the player less likely to earn a victory receives more fantasy points as the underdog.

Contests are broken down even further throughout the lobbies. There are featured contests, tournaments/leagues and head-to-head games.

Thrive gives you the ability to filter contests, which helps in limiting your options. You can even filter by price ranges, starting around $1-$5 and going up to $100 or more.

As mentioned, there’s the alternate prop lobby, too. This is where you can pick players from various sports to hit their projections. Every player you add, Thrive enhances your multiplier. With this mode, if your picks are correct, you win. Unfortunately, it appears this is only available through Thrive’s website right now and not its app.

Available markets

Thrive Fantasy allows its customers to put some action down on a variety of popular sports. It includes contests for the following:

This means that you can find a contest basically any day any of the major American sports are playing, plus a lot more.

Thrive also has mentioned the addition of several esports coming to its library. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it add other sports going forward, either.

No matter which sport you select, Thrive users can see live updates for every pick to check exactly how they stack up in their contest.

Is Thrive Fantasy legal?

Thrive Fantasy is legal and regulated in many states throughout the US. It’s easier to mention which states do not permit the DFS operator, which are the following:

Since the laws for DFS in a specific state can always shift or change, you may have to check the rules in your specific location every so often. It’s likely that if your state does allow DFS, ThriveFantasy will eventually become available there.