SugarHouse Sportsbook Review & Promo Code 2019

The Pennsylvania-based SugarHouse Casino opened the first combined online casino and sportsbook in New Jersey to rave reviews, and with the revenue to match.

It’s only natural that it’s now bringing new offerings home to Philadelphia with a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. SugarHouse will also bring online and mobile options, which will follow later this year.

SugarHouse Sportsbook PA 2019 Promo Code & Details

SugarHouse wants you and your sports betting action, so it is offering one of the most generous, new player sign-ups of any new sportsbook. Newly registered players get a 100 percent match on initial deposits of up to $250 by entering the code “250MATCH.” The lowest possible deposit, a dollar-for-dollar match, is $10.

All bonus money will be added to your new account within 48 hours, though if not wagered within 30 days, it will expire. Bonus money is only eligible for withdrawal after it has been wagered.

iRush rewards program

SugarHouse offers free membership into its loyalty rewards program and the 11 tiers of benefits it provides.

The iRush program is points-based, with points earned through a combination of real money wagered and the number of combinations for each sports wager.

For example, a $10 straight bet is worth one point, while a $5 bet is also worth one point if it has six combinations. All points will remain in the account for 30 days, while the number of points you earned over a 60-day rolling period determines your tier level.

In as few as 40 points, you can take your new membership up to the second tier. From there the ladder escalates, with 20,000 reward points to reach tier 10. Tier 11 is available by invitation only.

You can access the iRush bonus store even as a new, first-tier player, which allows you to exchange points for bonus wagers.

As you move up, you can become eligible to get customized deposit assistance, birthday presents, free plays, exclusive invite-only dinners and multipliers on wagers.

SugarHouse’s mobile access

According to SugarHouse in New Jersey, nearly 80 percent of its total sports wagering action is coming through its mobile app.

As SugarHouse rolls out its offerings in Pennsylvania, you can guarantee it will put the lion’s share of its resources into improving its NJ app.

New Jersey’s app is a combination of both its online casino and sportsbook. It makes sense for SugarHouse to continue to merge the offerings for Pennsylvania since, from a customer standpoint, both are so intertwined.

The sportsbook’s main betting page is accessible from the upper-left corner of the main menu. The hub includes the big events of the day and the most popular in-season sports.

If the sportsbook doesn’t have a quick link to what you’re looking for, click on the “more sports” link. Indeed, this will take you to all of its available sports, from cricket and darts to any soccer league you can imagine, to many of the sports leagues from around the world.

Make sure to also watch the scrolling banner atop the page for the newest promotions and reward offerings.

Registering for a new SugarHouse account

Registering for a new account with SugarHouse is easy.

You can do it online, and you’ll be able to do it within the app. Thus, all you need is your name, phone number and email address. Also, you’ll also pick your screen name and password.

Secondly, it asks for further information to determine your identity and age, or you can submit a photo of your driver’s license or state I.D. card instead. It’s your choice.

From there, you’ll be asked to submit the answers to a pair of security questions, which enable two-factor authentication.

Finally, you’re ready to play.

Other SugarHouse promotions

In a competitive world like sports wagering, keeping you happy is the name of the game.

This means offering new and exciting ways to maximize your betting dollar, and along with multiple wager offerings, there must also be a series of dynamic promotions.

The biggest and perhaps best of these special promotions is the SugarHouse Jackpot Parlay.

You have the option of allowing the betting machine to select eight possible parlay options at random or you can pick the winners. The total take-home potential, if all eight bets hit, is more than $100,000.

If hitting on eight bets feels like too daunting of a task to win extra money, never fear. SugarHouse also offers a refer-a-friend program that nets you $50 for each friend, up to 10 friends.

You also earn bonuses by following SugarHouse’s social media accounts.

Placing a deposit

Based on what SugarHouse has offered its customers in New Jersey, and what kinds of transactions are available in Pennsylvania currently, depositing into a new sports betting account will be simple, fast and with multiple options.

Along with credit and debit cards, you will also be able to use PayPal, direct online bank transfer, or any of the hundreds of PayNearMe locations in the state.

If you like to be a little less electronic with your finances, handwritten checks are an option, as can cash directly deposited at the physical SugarHouse Sportsbook in Philadelphia.

Making withdrawals

If you use the same method for depositing and withdrawing funds, then these transactions are instantaneous. In fact, it can require a simple click of one or two boxes on the mobile app.

If you use a method of deposit that doesn’t have a complementary means of quickly and electronically withdrawing funds, then you will have to arrange a bank transfer or electronic check.

Transactions such as those will incur delays, although they should be slight. The withdrawal of particularly large amounts may incur greater delays while SugarHouse security verifies your identity.

Available wagers

A straight win/loss bet on a money line or point spread is still the standard, and it’s what you see most at SugarHouse. Though a variety of betting options is also necessary.

They also offer parlays (a bet combining two or more other wagers into a single bet), proposition bets (individual or team outcomes within a selected event), teasers (a wager that shifts the point spread in one direction or another), and over/unders (betting on the combined points scored by both teams in a contest without regard for which team wins).

Future bets aren’t going anywhere. Be it for the winner of the World Series, Super Bowl or next year’s Australian rules football champ. Everyone wants to be the one who puts down money on the longshot underdog that rises to the top.

In-play wagering

In-play wagering, or bets that take place after an event has started, are a favorite and the gold standard for any sportsbook trying to attract new and younger players.

SugarHouse offers numerous in-play wagering options, including multiple halftime totals and second-chance multipliers. If it’s been conceived of by the in-play wagering crowd, it’s offered by SugarHouse.

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