Parx Sportsbook Promo Code PA & Review

With the biggest casino in the state, Parx Casino is set to offer sports betting. It’s no surprise that it is going all-in on its sportsbook offerings.

The main casino at Bensalem is getting a $10 million facelift so it can host a new, state-of-the-art sportsbook with windows, kiosks and wall-to-wall televisions.

Parx’s off-track betting facility in Philadelphia — near the stadiums that house Philadelphia’s professional sports teams — is also becoming a full-scale sportsbook. Additionally, Parx is teaming up with international sportsbook operator Kambi to run both facilities, plus power a new online sportsbook that will come with mobile access.

A sports betting license in Pennsylvania doesn’t come cheap. It costs $10 million, and the annual tax bill is upwards of 36 percent on the already small profit margin.

Parx mobile sports betting

Based on Kambi’s recent experience running DraftKings Sportsbook in New Jersey — a state that has seen its online sportsbooks account for up to 80 percent of the total wagers placed — Kambi will undoubtedly use the new Parx Sportsbook app as a primary driver of its growth.

Kambi’s existing app features a home screen that includes a series of shortcuts to all the sports happening that day.

Furthermore, there are also quick links to the day’s biggest game (Monday Night Football, for example). In addition, there’s a rotating banner, at the top of the screen, advertising all the current promotions.

The app also features a tab that takes players to a complete summary of all of their actions: past, current and future. Also, the in-play wagering page can also be accessed directly from the home screen.

As required by law, Parx will use geo-location technology to confirm a mobile player’s location. Customer service should also be available to contact through the app.

Signing up for a new Parx account

Based on what Kambi does with its ventures around the world, we can expect Parx’s sign-up process to be quick and straightforward.

To open a new account, a player may only need to submit his or her name, date of birth, email address, phone number, physical address and the last four digits of his or her Social Security number. This info will help confirm his or her identity and age.

Once verification is complete, new sign-ups will likely be asked to create a username and password, then choose a preferred level of security. We expect the sportsbook to offer “strong authentication,” which means that each log-in attempt sends a pin to the mobile number on file that must then be entered for access.

A player must be at least 21 years old to place a sports wager in Pennsylvania.

Parx Sportsbook PA Promo Code & Details 2019

While this is a new venture for the Parx Casino, it’s old hat for Kambi, which has recent experience in New Jersey where it runs the new DraftKings Sportsbook. What Kambi is doing in NJ can give us some idea of what to expect from Parx in PA.

In New Jersey, new customers receive a dollar-for-dollar match on their initial wager of up to $200. To activate the bonus, customers need to place the bet within 30 days of registration. Then the bonus kicks in automatically.

Though we can’t be sure that Parx will offer the same bonus, it stands to reason that Kambi will create something similar.

Parx sports waging possibilities

Sports wagers come in all shapes and sizes. At the Parx Sportsbook, players should be able to place almost any wager they can imagine.

Parlays, which are multiple outcomes rolled into a single bet, will certainly be available.

In addition, players should also be able to place teaser wagers (bets that shift the current point spread), over/under bets, (wagers on the overall point total combined for both teams), point spread and money line bets on event winners.

Customers will also likely be able to place money on proposition bets, which are wagers on an individual or team outcomes inside a game.

In addition, we also expect futures wagering, which are bets on the winner of events, e.g., the Super Bowl and the World Series, but made weeks and even months in advance.

In-play wagering

One additional way to bet is by taking advantage of in-play wagering, which should also be offered by Parx and Kambi.

In-play wagering involves placing a wager on an event after its start, with shifting wagers and floating odds based on how the game is playing out. No games are the same, and all wagers differ from game to game.

In-play has become an incredibly popular option that keeps the player engaged in changing odds for the entirety of a game, and it works most dynamically through a robust mobile connection, like the app offered by Kambi.

Parx potential loyalty programs

It’s safe to assume that Parx will offer a loyalty program for its sportsbook users.

Kambi itself doesn’t have a recent history of implementing loyalty or rewards programs, but the Parx Casino currently offers its players rewards based on how much they play.

The program is called Xclub, and like many others, it awards points based on the amount spent on wagers. Its certain tiers in the program offer awards based on the total points a player accrues within six months. As a result, once a player achieves a specific tier, he or she keeps those benefits for six months.

Along with $10 free play for registering, players who achieve the higher tiers — premium and elite — can earn additional free plays, invitations to exclusive events, dedicated gaming windows and complimentary top-shelf beverages.

The investment Parx is making in its sportsbook venture is enormous. So where frills and perks are appropriate, frills and perks will be made available. The company is clearly looking to make its sports betting offerings first class.

Other potential promotional offers

Loyalty programs and new-player incentives are only part of the offerings that regular players can expect at the Parx Sportsbook.

Also, there will be a series of promotions throughout the year with the goal of keeping players placing wagers, and finding new and fun ways to maximize players’ wagering dollars.

Kambi’s offerings in New Jersey are Giants-focused through the NFL season. In addition, there’s an emphasis on rookie running back Saquon Barkley, with specific odds boosters on proposition bets that involve his performance from week to week. With the Eagles as current Super Bowl champions and the Steelers’ history of six total Super Bowl wins, we expect something similar to be offered involving the star NFL players in Pennsylvania.

We also expect Parx to feature sportsbook pools. Betting pools are a way for a player to turn a regular $20 bet on football, pit it against other players who also made $20 bets, and increase their potential winnings to as high as $100,000.

Kambi also offers a simple promotion for players looking to earn a little bonus cash – a refer-a-friend program that immediately adds $50 to the referring player’s account.

Making deposits

There are no bets and no winners without the ability to fill a new account with money to place bets.

Based on industry standards, what’s available in Pennsylvania and what Kambi has done in the past, the method for deposits should be easy, and several payment options should be available.

In addition to credit and debit cards, Parx is set to offer a prepaid card, which makes for seamless and delay-free deposits.

Players can also expect to use PayPal, which can be connected directly to a credit card.

A direct bank transfer should be available with little to no delay.

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of PayNearMe locations, which all have the capabilities to transfer money.

Lastly, personal check or cash will likely need to be deposited directly at a Parx Casino cage.

Withdrawing funds at Parx

We expect withdrawals to be just as simple.

If a player uses a prepaid/credit/debit card, a direct bank transfer or PayPal to make their deposit, a withdrawal using the same method should be quick and easy.

For all other withdrawals, a bank transfer or electronic check will likely be arranged, although these payment methods may involve a slight processing delay.

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