BetJACK Ohio Sportsbook Review & 100 Daily Tokens Details

Billing itself as “Ohio’s Sportsbook,” betJACK is a new name in online sports betting. The brainchild of JACK Entertainment, a gambling company operating out of Cleveland, betJACK is currently a free-to-play sportsbook that uses a token system instead of accepting real money deposits.

If you’re confused at the idea of a free-to-play sportsbook, think of it as a preview for what’s to come in Ohio. JACK Entertainment’s idea is that eventually, when sports betting launches for real in the Buckeye State, customers will already have signed up for an account and familiarized themselves with the betJACK interface, which will help the sportsbook capture a share of the new market.

That’s why if you sign up for a betJACK account today, you’ll note that the book is calling itself “betJACK Training Camp,” operating as a place where users can practice sports betting and get used to the platform as they await full legalization.

In this review, we’ll take you through all we know about betJACK Sportsbook so far, and what we can expect as we move forward.

BetJACK Sportsbook promo and welcome offer 2024: 100 daily tokens

It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of promos and bonuses betJACK might offer to new users when real money sports betting in Ohio becomes available. At the moment, it looks as though we’ll have to wait until early 2023 to find out for sure, with state officials identifying a New Year’s Day target for the launch.

BetJACK’s free-to-play sportsbook has a few small welcome bonuses of its own as well. Every day that you log in to your betJACK account, you’ll receive 100 tokens that you can use to bet on a slate of options. These tokens have no cash value, but you can bet them for fun anyway.

BetJACK has also announced a few other promotional campaigns, like a virtual “trophy case” that will log users’ achievements on the sportsbook. In the future, when legal sports betting launches in Ohio, we could see betJACK offer a welcome bonus similar to what many major sportsbooks offer, like a protected bet, a deposit matching bonus, or a bonus bet when you create an account.

Signing up at betJACK Ohio — 100 daily tokens 

To claim the 100 daily tokens at betJACK Ohio, follow these steps:

Once you log in to your account, you will automatically receive 100 betting tokens. You can then bet the tokens though they are real money, though they themselves have no cash value — it’s still preseason for betting in Ohio, after all. Then, every day that you log in at betJACK, you’ll get another 100 tokens.

When betJACK transitions to a real money sportsbook, the process might become a little more stringent, requiring your Social Security number and geolocation to verify your account and location, whereas currently betJACK simply verifies your identity via email.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see betJACK Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

Registration eligibility at betJACK sports betting

Even though it’s currently a free-to-play sportsbook, betJACK still has some terms and conditions regarding who’s eligible to make an account and place bets. First, you must be 21 or older, and betJACK reserves the right to see proof of age “upon request” within 72 hours.

You must also be located in the United States. While betJACK is an Ohio-based sportsbook, at the moment you don’t have to be located in Ohio specifically to make an account and start betting, though this will change once betJACK begins offering betting with actual money. In the meantime, however, bettors anywhere in the US can make an account and claim their 100 tokens, as long as they’re not in a jurisdiction where free-to-play gambling sites are illegal.

Once betJACK launches for real in Ohio, it will likely verify your location through geolocation, which means you’ll have to have that enabled if you use the betJACK website or app, and you’ll have to be located within Ohio state lines. Bear in mind that doesn’t mean you’ll have to live in Ohio; you’ll just have to be in Ohio at the time you wager.

Beyond that, betJACK will also bar professional athletes, coaches, trainers and other personnel, along with some staff and employees at casinos and sportsbooks, from betting.

Downloading the betJACK Sportsbook app 

In preparation for betJACK launching a real money sportsbook, it’s launched an app to house its training camp interface. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, meaning it’s easy to download on both iOS and Android devices.

On the stores, the app appears as “betJACK: Ohio’s Sportsbook” and has a black logo with a white “J.” The app is free to download, so just click “get” or “download.” Once the app installs and displays on your home screen, you can open it and log in to the account you made online.

So far, the app has received good reviews. It has a score of 4.8 on the App Store, although it has received relatively few reviews. If you download the app and it isn’t working, you can use the betJACK online contact form to request help. Otherwise, you can just use the website, which offers all the features that are available on the betJACK app.


On top of the 100 tokens that you’ll receive every day that you sign in to your betJACK account, you can keep yourself posted on any additional promotions that betJACK announces under the “promotions” tab of the website or app.

For the moment, these won’t be extensive, but once real money sports betting launches in Ohio, you might have more to look forward to. Most sportsbooks frequently offer things like odds boosts, profit boosts, parlay boosts, bet insurance, and other regular bonuses.

Payment options at betJACK online betting 

As of right now, we don’t know what payment options betJACK will accept, since it doesn’t accept cash payments. But betJACK won’t be free to play forever. Sooner or later, its platform will transition into being a real money sportsbook, which you’ll be able to use to add funds to your betJACK account.

Once betJACK is ready for deposits, here’s a list of some of the possible payment methods it might accept:

Also, keep in mind that betJACK will have physical locations. These will likely be located at existing JACK Entertainment locations: JACK Cleveland Casino and JACK Thistledown Racino, which is located in North Randall, Ohio. Once betJACK is live and licensed, you’ll be able to add funds to your account at both of those locations.

Betting options at betJACK Sportsbook

BetJACK is already offering most of the bets you would want from a sportsbook, even though it’s still only free-to-play options. That means you can make all types of wagers, on a very solid set of sports, with an emphasis on Ohio teams. Here are the main choices:

With all these and more, betJACK is already showing impressive versatility as a sportsbook. And for users who are new to sports betting, the training camp aspect means all of these options are available to try without risking any money at the moment.

Live betting 

One of the most interesting ways to bet these days — and certainly one of the most popular — is live betting, an area in which betJACK looks especially promising. Live betting (aka “in play betting”) allows you to place wagers during the game, while the action is in progress. When a sportsbook doesn’t offer live betting, you have to make sure you get all your bets in before the game starts.

Live betting allows you to place your bets from wherever you happen to be watching the game. You can be at a bar, at the game itself, at a friend’s house, on a bus or anywhere else with your phone on you and a stable internet connection.

The live odds will update rapidly in response to what happens in the game. Right now, betJACK already offers an impressive slate of live betting options, which is a good sign for the future.

Sports you can bet at betJACK online sportsbook 

BetJACK already offers an almost overwhelmingly large selection of sports on which to bet. The list could continue to grow, as well, but here’s what it’s got so far:

BetJACK offers both major league North American sports and a fairly extensive number of niche and international sports.

Is betJACK legal? 

Yes, betJACK Sportsbook as it exists right now is legal. The caveat, of course, is that betJACK is legal as a free-to-play site at the moment, meaning it cannot yet offer actual real money wagering. That’s not because betJACK is illegal or in some way suspicious, but rather just because legal sports betting is not quite available in betJACK’s home state, Ohio.

This is set to change, however. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed Ohio’s sports betting bill into law on Dec. 21, 2021, meaning that sports betting is definitely coming to the state. The Ohio Casino Control Commission recently announced that the target for a full launch of regulated, legal online sports betting is January 1, 2023.

Once that launch happens, we expect betJACK will be ready to go and will have its Ohio sports betting platform legal and licensed for real money gambling as soon as possible. At the moment, it doesn’t seem likely that betJACK will expand beyond Ohio. It’s been marketing itself as a sportsbook specifically designed for the Buckeye State, and parent company JACK Entertainment currently has no operations outside of Ohio.