NFL Same-Game Parlays

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When a full slate of NFL games is on tap, bettors have dozens of options to consider. In addition to the standard wagers, bettors can also take their chances with same-game parlays. These are multi-leg wagers on a single game, and they continue to grow in popularity.

You can pick a side to win the game, try to tackle the spread, focus on how many points the teams will score and sort through hundreds of player props, all while trying to land on a combination that works best for you. Let’s take a look at how to bet on NFL same-game parlays.

NFL same-game parlays

Same-game parlays are a popular option among NFL bettors. These are multi-leg wagers that present the opportunity for some great returns. However, that comes with a big caveat: In order to win, you have to be right on all of your selections. If you make just a single wrong call, the entire bet loses.

NFL Week 1 same-game parlays

Odds for the NFL’s Week 1 games are available at legal online sportsbooks. However, lines for props and other bets will appear much closer to the official kickoff of the season. Once that happens, we’ll walk through the top same-game parlay options for the start of the NFL season.

What are NFL same-game parlays?

For a standard parlay, bettors can combine wagers from multiple games and sports. Same-game parlays let you do the same thing with wagers from a single matchup. Just like a traditional parlay, you have to get all of the legs of a same-game parlay correct in order to win. If you get just a single pick wrong, your parlay loses.

Part of the appeal is the potential return. It can quickly add up based on the number of legs you include and the odds for each one. However, it’s always best to balance any potential winnings against the risk, as this is a tough bet to win consistently.

Odds and payouts for NFL same-game parlays

The odds and potential payouts for same-game parlays will vary based on the number of legs that you include, the odds for each leg, and how much you bet. For example, let’s consider this Week 1 game line from the FanDuel betting app.

Let’s say that we like the Bills to win the game outright and for the total to go over 52.5 points. We simply have to click on the odds for those two choices to add them to the slip.

By adding the two choices together, we get odds of +250. For a $50 bet, we could win back $125.38 if we got both our picks correct. Here’s what happens if we add a spread bet:

We’ve added in another variable, but the odds have only increased slightly. What gives? In this case, the Bills winning the game outright and covering by a single point is a highly correlated play. The sportsbook isn’t about to pay us a premium for that outcome.

When betting on SGPs, pay close attention to the odds as you add selections to your slip. One of the knocks against this type of bet is that bettors aren’t getting a fair shake from sportsbooks when it comes to the potential payout in relation to the risk.

While that’s fair in certain cases, the bottom line is this: Bettors can vote with their wallets on what is or isn’t fair. If you’re not happy with the odds that you’re getting for an SGP or another bet at your book of choice, then see if there are better odds elsewhere.

NFL same-game parlay house rules

The standard same-game parlay rules apply everywhere: All of your selections must be from the same contest. If you get all of the legs correct, you win. Otherwise, you lose.

An individual sportsbook may also have its own rules for SGPs. For example, here’s a summary of the house rules at DraftKings for same-game parlays:

While there’s a lot of uniformity in sports betting, house rules can vary for individual bets. As a result, it’s good practice to review the rules wherever you plan to bet on the NFL this season so that you know what to expect.

Strategy for NFL same-game parlays

While this is a challenging wager, there are a few ways to improve your chances. Here’s a trio of tips to keep in mind while building SGP tickets:

Are NFL same-game parlays worth it?

Ultimately, the answer to this question comes down to personal preference. Same-game parlays offer the chance to win big, but they are far from easy to win consistently. It’s imperative to understand and be comfortable with the risk vs. the reward.

From an entertainment perspective, a same-game parlay can certainly enhance your enjoyment of a game. Depending on what you bet on, you could have something to root for right from the opening kickoff through to the final whistle.

You should always bet responsibly with disposable income that you can afford to lose. If you like the fun of putting together SGPs and the rooting interest they provide, then they can be worth it. For those who prefer a little more predictability, SGPs may not be for you.


Are NFL same-game parlays available at all sportsbooks?  

Same-game parlays for the NFL are available at many top legal online sportsbooks, including DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars and FanDuel. However, the exact name of the wager may vary by sportsbook. For example, BetMGM calls them “one game” parlays.

How do you win NFL same-game parlays?  

To win a same-game parlay, you need to get all of its individual legs correct. If any of them end up being wrong, though, you lose. As always, there are no guarantees with sports betting. It’s impossible to win all the time, so be sure to bet responsibly.

What happens to same-game parlays if the sportsbook voids one leg?

Most sportsbooks will consider the entire parlay void if they void one leg. However, you should review the house rules wherever you play, as individual books can have their own specific rules for something like this.