2024 NFL Rushing Props

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NFL rushing props are available at top online betting sites before each game. The next NFL season will begin on Sept. 5. Once that happens, you’ll find options like over/unders for rushing yards, touchdowns, and the longest rush for all of the top backs who are set to suit up and play for each game all season long.

On a season-long basis, bettors can also place futures wagers on which player will lead the league in rushing yards, as well as over/unders on total touchdowns for the game’s top RBs. These are also popular bets for same-game parlays. Here’s a look at what you need to know about betting on NFL rushing props.

NFL rushing props

Betting odds for NFL rushing props will appear in the table below when the regular season is underway. In the interim, you’ll see the latest available NFL futures from top online sportsbooks. You can change the display by using the drop-down menus. If you see a bet that interests you, click the odds to be directed to the sportsbook offering that wager. Sports betting promos are available to new users.

NFL rushing prop betting

Beyond betting on how the RBs will perform each week, you can also take your chances with a range of other NFL player props:

As for the running game, there are a number of options week in and week out. Here’s a look at some of the top NFL rushing props:

Over/under rushing yard props

For each game throughout the season, sportsbooks will release over/under lines on all of the top running backs who are expected to play. Bettors can then choose if the back will exceed the sportsbook’s line or fall short. As an example, the line for Christian McCaffrey might be 84.5 yards. If he rushes for 85 or more yards, those who bet on “over” will win. If he ends up with 84 or fewer, bets on the under are successful.

Running back TD props

The best NFL betting sites also offer various lines on running backs to score touchdowns during their respective game. You can bet on a back to score at any time, to have the game’s first touchdown, or to find the end zone multiple times, for example. To win, you simply have to make the right call, such as Derrick Henry scoring a TD after you wager on him to score at any time during the game.

Longest rush props

A lengthy rushing play has the potential to quickly flip the momentum of a game or break it open even further. Lines are set for the longest rush for each of the top backs in their respective weekly games. Using Bijan Robinson as an example, the line for his longest rush could be 17.5 yards. If his biggest play is for 18 or more rushing yards, over bettors have a ticket to cash, while bettors on the under are hoping for no runs of more than 17 yards.

What are NFL rushing props?

For individual games, you can place your bets on the various player, team, and game props, several of which will be for rushing yardage over/unders. There are also season-long rushing props. These are long-term futures wagers that can provide you with additional things to root for throughout the season, and a chance at solid profits if you end up being correct. Depending on where you live, you might have access to different products. If you are located in a state where you have fantasy, pick’em or social sportsbook options, check out our Betr and Fliff reviews.

Which RBs have the best chance to lead the league in yards?

Legal online sportsbooks will release odds for which back will lead the league in rushing yards for the upcoming campaign over the offseason. Bettors can wager on which player they think will lead the league when the season comes to a close. Looking back to the 2023-24 season, Christian McCaffrey led the way with 1,459 rushing yards, followed by Derrick Henry at 1,167 and Kyren Williams at 1,144.

Who led the NFL in rushing last season?

Here are the top 10 rushing yard leaders from last season and their total yards:

1Christian McCaffreySan Francisco 49ers1,459
2Derrick HenryTennessee Titans1,167
3Kyren WilliamsLos Angeles Rams1,144
4James CookBuffalo Bills1,122
5D’Andre SwiftPhiladelphia Eagles1,049
6James ConnerArizona Cardinals1,040
7Najee HarrisPittsburgh Steelers1,035
8Joe MixonCincinnati Bengals1,034
9David MontgomeryDetroit Lions1,015
10Raheem MostertMiami Dolphins1,012

Recent NFL rushing yard leaders

Here’s a look back at the last decade of rushing champs and their final tally:

2023Christian McCaffreySan Francisco 49ers1,459
2022Josh JacobsLas Vegas Raiders1,653
2021Jonathan TaylorIndianapolis Colts1,811
2020Derrick HenryTennessee Titans2,027
2019Derrick HenryTennessee Titans1,540
2018Ezekiel ElliottDallas Cowboys1,434
2017Kareem HuntKansas City Chiefs1,327
2016Ezekiel ElliottDallas Cowboys1,631
2015Adrian PetersonMinnesota Vikings1,485
2014DeMarco MurrayDallas Cowboys1,845

NFL rushing props for 2024

Futures odds for the winner of the next Super Bowl will become available before the current one is even in the books. Other futures odds will come out a few months after the season comes to a close, including rushing props. Here’s a look at some of the top rushing props, but note that the exact offerings may vary by sportsbook.

Most rushing yards

For this prop, you’re betting on which player you think will lead the league in rushing for the year. Here’s what the numbers might look like for a few favorites heading into the season:

The positive odds across the board set the stage for some potentially lucrative returns. A bet of $10 on Taylor to lead the league would result in $90 in profit if that turns out to be the case, while a $100 wager would bring back $900.

While there’s no way to predict which backs will make it through the season unscathed, it’s a good idea to try to account for injury risk while you’re making your choices. For example, if you’re not feeling great about a team’s offensive line, then betting on that club’s top back to lead the league might not be a good idea.

Most rushing TDs

This prop works the same as season-long yardage leaders, but with the goal of picking out which back will lead the league in rushing touchdowns. Odds work in the same fashion, with numbers available for all of the game’s top backs.

Player over/unders

Sportsbooks will also post over/under bets on individual running back totals. There will be a line for total regular season rushing yards or TDs with odds for betting on over or under that line.

After doing your research, if you expect a player to exceed the listed line, then you could wager on the over. If you anticipate that the player will come up short, then you might want to go with the under.

Single-game NFL rushing props

For each individual game all season long, bettors have a number of running back props to choose from.

Since there are so many options for each game, bettors also have a number of approaches. For example, you can stick to the top running backs or what seem to you to be the best matchups, or base your wagering decisions on the odds and lines for specific props.


Are season-long NFL props void if a player gets injured during the season?   

No, bets are active as soon as Week 1 begins and remain live until we know the outcome. Sportsbooks will not adjust bets like season-long rushing yard leaders due to the injury of a single player. However, if the player ends up out for the season before play begins, sportsbooks will void and refund bets on that player.

Which NFL player had the most rushing yards in a single season?

Eric Dickerson set the all-time rushing yard record for a single season in 1984. As a member of the Los Angeles Rams, he rushed for 2,105 yards on 379 attempts.

When was the last time a running back won the NFL MVP award?

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings was the last running back to win the NFL MVP award, doing so in 2012. The award has gone to a quarterback every season since.

Which player led the NFL in rushing yards last season?

Christian McCaffrey led the league in rushing yards with 1,459. Derrick Henry finished second with 1,167.

Which player is favored to lead the NFL in rushing yards this season?

Betting odds for the rushing yard leader for the 2024-25 regular season will be available over the offseason.