2023 NFL Receiving Props

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NFL receiving props for Week 13 are available on a variety of top sports betting apps. Popular options include over/unders on receiving yards, touchdowns, and the longest receptions for many of the receivers who are set to play. Receivers in the spotlight as this week continues include Tyreek Hill, A.J. Brown, and Travis Kelce.

There are also season-long receiving props, including which player will lead the league in yards, plus over/unders on receptions and yards for the top pass-catchers in the game. Here’s a look at what you need to know about betting on NFL receiving props.

Receiving props for NFL Week 13

NFL receiving prop odds from top online sportsbooks appear in the table below. You can change the type of bet and legal state via the drop-down menus. If you see a bet that you’re interested in, just click the odds to be directed to the sportsbook offering that line. Sports betting promos are available for new users.

NFL receiving props for Week 13

Beyond trying to figure out what’s in store for the receivers each week, you can also check out other player props:

Here are some of the wagering options for the receivers this week:

Receiving yard props for Week 13

NFL Week 13 continues with a busy Sunday slate before wrapping up with the Cincinnati Bengals traveling to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football. Here are the receiving yard props for several of the top pass-catchers who are set to play:

Hill leads the league in receiving yards with 1,324, an average of 120.4 per game. Allen has the second-highest average among receivers in action this week with 101.5.

Receiver TD props for Week 13

Among the over/under lines for this week are the 49ers vs. Eagles at . Big favorites on the point spread include the Dolphins at the Commanders. Here are the receiver touchdown props for some of the top threats to score in Week 13:

Hill also leads the league in receiving TDs with 10, followed by Mike Evans with nine. Stefon Diggs, who is on a bye week, is tied with Courtland Sutton in third place with eight.

Longest reception props for Week 13

A monster pass play can quickly get fans out of their seats and also has the potential to change the trajectory of a game. Are there any field-stretching pass plays in store as Week 13 plays out? Here are the longest reception props for several top options:

CeeDee Lamb, who was in action on TNF, leads the NFL in receptions of 20 yards or more with 23. Hill is next at 21, followed by Aiyuk with 19. Allen and Brown are tied for the next spot on the list with 18 each.

What are NFL receiving props?

NFL receiving props cover various stats for pass-catchers, including receptions, yardage, and touchdowns. Each game will offer a number of such bets. You’ll also find season-long receiving props, including which player will lead the league in yards. Such props can be fun, and the returns can be large if you happen to win.

Which receivers have the best chance to lead the league?

Betting odds are out at legal online sportsbooks for which receiver will lead the league in receiving yards this season, as well as for other season-long wagers. Below are the latest betting lines.

Tyreek Hill is favored to lead the league in receiving yards, and also first through 12 weeks of play with 1,324. Just four other receivers have racked up 1,000 or more thus far: A.J. Brown, CeeDee Lamb, D.J. Moore, and Keenan Allen. Hill also leads in TDs with 10, followed by Mike Evans with nine.

Who led the NFL in receiving last season?

Justin Jefferson entered the 2022 season as one of the top favorites to close out the campaign with the most receiving yards. The race was competitive for a good part of the season, but he managed to pull away and claim the crown in the end, finishing with 1,809 yards. Here’s how the top 10 shook out:

1Justin JeffersonMinnesota Vikings1,809
2Tyreek HillMiami Dolphins1,710
3Davante AdamsLas Vegas Raiders1,516
4A.L. BrownPhiladelphia Eagles1,496
5Stefon DiggsBuffalo Bills1,429
6CeeDee LambDallas Cowboys1,359
7Jaylen WaddleMiami Dolphins1,356
8Travis KelceKansas City Chiefs1,338
9DeVonta SmithPhiladelphia Eagles1,196
10Terry McLaurinWashington Commanders1,191

Recent NFL receiving yard leaders

The receiving yards champ has been a first-time winner for the last four seasons. Here is the past decade of receiving yard leaders:

2022Justin JeffersonMinnesota Vikings1,809
2021Cooper KuppLos Angeles Rams1,947
2020Stefon DiggsBuffalo Bills1,535
2019Michael ThomasNew Orleans Saints1,725
2018Julio JonesAtlanta Falcons1,677
2017Antonio BrownPittsburgh Steelers1,533
2016Ty HiltonIndianapolis Colts1,448
2015Julio JonesAtlanta Falcons1,871
2014Antonio BrownPittsburgh Steelers1,698
2013Josh GordonCleveland Browns1,646

How to bet on receiving props

For the upcoming season, futures on the winner of the next Super Bowl came out before the current season even came to a close. Other top futures bets, including season-long receiving props, came out after that. The menu of options may vary by sportsbook, but here’s a look at the top receiving bets that you’ll find.

Most receiving yards 

Sportsbooks will post odds for a number of season-long options, ranging from the top favorites to extreme long shots. Here’s an example of what you might see:

As you can see, the odds, even for the favorites, are pretty attractive. The numbers rise even more as you go down the list of choices. At +750, a $10 bet would win a profit of $75 if correct, while a $50 wager would have a chance to win $375.

For any season-long prop, you have to consider a number of variables, including injury risks and the overall productivity of the offense. The list of choices is long, so focusing your research on some top picks and a few sleepers makes sense.

Most receiving TDs

You can also bet on which player will have the most receiving TDs for the year. Once again, you’ll likely see an odds board similar to the one for receiving yards, ranging from favorites down to longer shots.

Davante Adams had the most last season with 14 receiving TDs, followed by Travis Kelce with 12. Last year’s stats make for a good starting point for research, followed by considering any changes to a team’s passing game for the coming campaign.

Most receptions 

Players who lead the league in receptions tend to come from pass-heavy teams. Many sportsbooks offer odds on the league leader in this category, as well.

While the yardage leader has a shot here, too, possession receivers and go-to options are also candidates. A season ago, Justin Jefferson led the way with 128 receptions, followed by Tyreek Hill with 119.

Player over/unders 

There are also season-long over/under bets for top receivers. The wager works just like the weekly options, as sportsbooks will list a line plus odds for the receiver to go over or under that number.

The choice is simple: If you expect a player to exceed the line, then wager on the over, while under is the call if you anticipate the opposite. While the concept is easy to digest, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are easy wagers to win.

Single-game NFL receiving props

For each game from the kickoff of the regular season straight through to the Super Bowl, there will be dozens of player props related to the receiving game.

Bettors aren’t lacking for choices, as there will be many options for each game. You can stick to the top pass-catchers in the league, target the potentially high-scoring games, or choose another approach that works best for your comfort level, for example.


What happens to season-long NFL props if a player gets injured?   

Season-long NFL player prop bets will remain active regardless of the status of a single player. For example, if you placed a bet on a player to lead the league in receiving yards and he goes down to injury, your bet will lose. If that happens before the Week 1 games begin, and the injured player will be out for the whole season, then sportsbooks will void and refund bets on that player.

Which NFL player had the most receiving yards in a single season?  

Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions set the all-time single-season receiving yards record in 2012. He collected 1,964 yards on 122 receptions for the year.

Has a receiver ever won the NFL MVP award?  

No, a wide receiver has yet to win the NFL MVP. Cooper Kupp finished third in the 2021 season. The Los Angeles Rams wideout then capped his campaign by winning the Super Bowl MVP.

Which player led the NFL in receiving yards last season?

Justin Jefferson was the receiving yard leader for the 2022-23 NFL season with 1,809. Tyreek Hill finished in second place with 1,710.

Who is the favorite to lead the NFL in receiving yards this season?

Tyreek Hill is the current favorite to lead the NFL in receiving yards this season.